Earl Nelson is my dad recovering from a rupture

After watching what my dad is going through has encouraged me the more to stop smoking. My dad has Lupus as well yet never sick with it. There was a time I was so angry with him, today I only have love and compassion for him. People are telling me how my life will change due me being his care giver, I only believe it to change for the better.

Hi Shawnette

Caring for someone is a really tough job but also very rewarding. Make sure you make time for yourself too so that you can keep well to do this work.

Blessings Jennifer

Thank you, Jen I often forget about myself caring for others. My dad was my first love, also a very selfish person. I’m willing to do God’s will however I’m starting to feel stressed complaining.

When we take on a task that is given from God...and we do it with the utmost love...we not only give it out...we get so much in return...you keep learning from your dad...you only have one...~ God bless ~ Colleen

Thanks, Colleen I needed to be reminded. Im embarrassing that too :wink:

It ok sweetie...we are human...not perfect...don't be so hard on YOU...