Earache, pressure, stiff neck

it has been over a month since my ruptured anerysum was coiled. I’m currently experiencing on my left side of body, earache, what feels like sinus pressure including headache and stiff neck. I go back to Dr. In November for another cta scan. Has anyone had these symptoms, if so will they go away?

I had my unruptured aneurysm coiled June 2015, I had sharp earaches for about 6 weeks and just now beginning to get my sense of smell pack. I also continue to have post op pressure in my sinsuses. I was told eventually things will get better, but that everyone is different so they dont know when. Hope this helps

Lorca, It helps just knowing I’m not alone. It’s frustrating. Thanks

puts her hand up and headaches everyday since my coiling in December. Just found out last week from a specialist that it is not uncommon for headaches to last 1 - 2 years after coiling or clipping. Sometimes they never go away :frowning: