please be careful everyone with meds, i messed up pretty bad and double dosed, went to ER for 3 hrs, iv, heart monitor the whole 9 yrds. Everything checked out fine. Im blind left side of both eyes (from SAH)and i thought i was taking Sundays pills, much to my horror i was gulping down pills from both columns and of course it was the meds not the vitamins, ugh, tc

Oh, no, Ron! Glad you are ok - could have been much worse. I am just the opposite - I don't use one of those and I forget if I have taken some pills I need. I am doing much better these days - if I can't remember if I took my daily aspirin, though, I do take another one. My neuro told me to be sure to take everyday.

I didn't realize that you had vision problems, must be really hard sometimes. Take care and don't take both columns. You take care and be careful - we would be devastated to lose you!! Sherri

Hey mr. Rockstar,

You be careful. you have to take care so you can take your place in the Rock Hall of Fame.