Drowzyness is it aneurysm or painkiller! Your views

Hi i have been really ill since last time i wrote in here.i hav som real bad pressureHeadaches all over my head.i took som cocodomol and it mademe dizzy.Today after 8 years of work i was at work and couldnt bend my head down I had so much presure and pain and felt so dizzy.felt like my head was gona Burst.i had to lay down at work for 2 hours before i left work today.i phoned theHospital and they said com but i am absulutly worn out wid this pain and decided toGo home.only u people know what pain we suffer from.im just hoping and waitingTo see my consultant next week.hopfully for him to operate on me soonWill keep u updated.has anyone got anuerysm size of mines 22mm & hqvi gHaving lots of pain? Iv been told its nit bleeding.but with no guarantee.

I think Jim gave you good advice...ER ... and Doctors can help you will alot of questions and concerns...

I'd immediately go to the hospital if I were you! Good luck and keep us posted!


I really hope they are taking care of u right now!!! Please take care of yourself

please go to hospital, do not postpone..i had a 5mm that ruptured so please! please! please! go get checked...praying for you sweety

There cannot be enough stress to the following:

I do hope you are there now and being treated. Please keep us posted.

Thoughts and prayers with you!


If I were you I would go to the hospital now mine ruptured at 7mm so 22 is massive my surgeon would of already operated on that he had me in at what should of been my three month check to operate on my second. Now go to the hospital. Jess.xxx