Drinking alcohol safe?

Is drinking alcohol safe with a small aneurysm? I forgot to ask my doctor. I have given up coffee and I don’t smoke. A couple of glasses of wine would certainly calm my nerves!

I am sure that moderation is always sensible, and it also depends very much on your medications & other medical conditions, if any. But I did ask, and no one has ever told me to quit drinking (or to give up coffee, for that matter!) You should ask your own doctor or nurse once you next have an opportunity to, and I wouldn’t get drunk, but otherwise, I can’t see where a glass or two would be a problem.

Hello Kit34
Alcohol in general is always trouble for health as many hate to admit it! My neurosurgeon said that it was awesome that I have always been a non drinker and non smoker because it will help my heart to continue to be in great shape which favors my arteries(treated annies reside) to function well. If you drink 2 glasses of wine each week, that would make it 8 glases of wine a month and within a year that will make it, 96 glasses a year!
The question is, how much of those 96 glasses of wine affect your heart that can affect your arteries, therefore your annie? Is it worth it?
Call your doctor only he/she knows your health history and annies.

About 3 months ago I decided to have a girls night and we drank margaritas. While drinking my head pain worsened I went home and in the middle of the night I had these weird lights flashing in my sleep so much that it woke me up in so much pain it felt as if I were being electrocuted cried for days after so I will share with u my opinion not yo drink worse feeling ever

My Neurovascular surgeon and my neurologist are happy with the fact that I don’t drink. They suggest that I keep it that way. My aneurysm ruptured on New Years Eve after about the equuvelant of 3 shots of vodka I’m never drinking again.

Wow I have not been told to stop drinking and on the weekends when we are away have had a few without any side affects that are visable however after reading this I am now wondering if the affects are not visable, ie what I am doing to my heart and will take this very seriously from now on. Thanks for the posts.

It helps calm my nerves too, waiting on a clipping since February and still not sure when I will have my surgery.

Hi Brenda, what type of aneurysm are you waiting to have treated? Where are you getting treated? I was told that I didn’t need to have any restrictions, just no smoking( I don’t smoke)

Hi I have a 9.5 mm annie on my left side, not sure what type, they didn't say.... I am waiting on the neurosurgeon as there is only one in Nova Scotia, they say end of Aug or Middle of Sept but we will see.

I don't smoke either and I know that is very hard on an annie but the drinking I never heard of either.

Thanks for the reply.