Dr. Oz Presents: "The Scary Truth About Aneurysms" on his show on Tuesday 1/25

Be sure to watch!

Thanks for this information…I am taping the show … Colleen

Fanstastic thanks for letting us know! But remember sometimes you dont always get the truth on TV.

Always DVR his show. I wrote to him a few months ago to please do a show devoted to Brain Aneurysms after he talked about different causes of headaches and mentioned Brain Aneurysms. I’m so happy to see he is doing a show on it! I’m sure some lives will be saved after this show too :slight_smile:

what chanel I have a doctor appointment tue, would like to tape it, I was being lazy, I looked it up, on 3 and it will hard to guess time, we are west coast, thanks for infro. I’ll figue it out.

I would love to watch this but someone how I don’t think it’s going to be shown in Sweden…grrrrrr

After the show airs, we will be able to post clips of the show, in case you miss it or are not in viewing area. There will be a 2 survivors there from our Long Island group, one who is living with an aneurysm and one that had a ruptured aneurysm. They are also speaking to one of our supporters who lost her sister at the age of 33 to a ruptured brain aneurysm.

A little disappointing that he didn’t go more in depth on the subject. But good info.

I agree, was a little disappointed. It’s too bad that the only warning sign he gave was the “worst” headache, I think most who have had a rupture would disagree…feel like it was a missed opportunity to save a life. I’m glad to see something to raise awareness, and love the show, so can’t complain there! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the "heads up". I made it a point to watch it today. I feel the same way as some others do. I thought he was very vague about it. On the other hand, at least he did have the "subject" on his show.

We could all write/email him and invite him into our group - ?

That is a seriously great idea!

I agree too - especailly since my rupture was not with the sudden onset of the worst headache opf my life like he and most describe. Very happy the show provided a platform for educaiton on aneursyms and it really would be nice to dedicate more time to this topic to really educate people about the symptoms and the after affects. (So many people look at us and think that there is no after affects or remind us how lucky we are.)

Watched the show & was disappointed- felt more time could have been devoted, also no mention of the after-effects for we survivors! Glad though that he raised the topic, even with the commercials day before!

My aneurysm was the sudden crushing headache when opening eyes when alarm clock went off....felt like a steam roller crushing my head. So, that aspect of the show to go straight to an ER (like I did as I felt totally awful, head vise) was good info for the public. Pre my B.A., I knew nothing @ all about this!

Yes....let's get him to go more in depth about the after surgery "life" & other Brain Injury related items. People need more awareness.


where are you on the west coast?


Kimerberly...I had forgotten you are in Sweden...

Someday, will you please tell us about your being in Sweden? And/or just tell me it;s on your site or?

My memory apologies...I have a vague memory, now with this remidner, you are there...



I have only seen his show a few times...he always had that adorable smile...hope he was adorable as well in acknowledging your letter to him. And, that I will still observe his smile as adorable on the next show I see... UHC pays the advertising of his show and also raises its rates to subscribers...

OK...smile...this is just my personal opinion...


Kim, it may not be untrue...it just may not be complete and/or explicit...


I agree with most of the other posts. I just saw the show last night. Was a bit dramatic, but still informational for those who may experience a bad headache and not take action. It's best to get it checked out (if you're able to) than not to. I wish the whole show had been devoted to aneurysms and he talked about treatment options, but to also talk more about that fact that there are so many people who are LIVING with aneurysms out there and that it isn't always a death sentence. They don't all "explode" as he put it.

ANY information out on national TV is good though, so thank you Dr. Oz for devoting some time to it.


I agree!

Here's the link so you can watch it too-


Not sure if this is the entire piece or just part one...

In Dr. Oz's defense, he is trying to get information across to a wide section of people, so most of his material is at about the 3rd grade level and I think he makes it very dramatic to maybe make it more memorable.

His show did call us up and we were able to refer all the guests that were on the program. Might have been nice if they said for more information go to www.bafound.org :-)