Don't know what to do...what did you do?

I dont know what to do. My job entails, continual physical exertion and I never know what I'm going to be facing at any given moment. (I'm an Enforcement Officer, mainly on foot patrol). In one way I would like to go back to work while I wait for surgery or whatever is coming down the pipes at me. On the other hand, I don't feel comfortable in doing that. Even now, I dont feel that I have the required energy level to keep up.

May I ask what other people did after you found out about the aneurysm and what was your decision in regards to working? I know that those of you who suffered a rupture wouldn't fit into this category.


Hello Tina,
I run my own dog daycare and boarding at home but my doctors still put me on sick leave the same week we found out. I know how you feel about the waiting but hang in there it seems to move along faster then you think.

Kimberley I hope you’re right about moving along faster than I think. :slight_smile: My neurosurgeon appointment is Nov 18th and it seems like a year away. I wish I could just forget I have this thing but I can’t.

I love the sound of your job by the way!! :slight_smile:


Hey Tina,
I only found out about 5 weeks ago that I have this and within that time I have had an MRI, CT scan and an appointment with the neurosurgeon which I just met him last Tues, He told me that it could take up to two months for surgery. Exactly one week later I have a date. I know it’s hard to walk around and not think about this and the reality is that it’s impossible not too.
When I was put on sick leave I thought I would go crazy just sitting here thinking about it so I decided to find something that would keep my brain busy. I started doing some Christmas crafts which tends to make the days just fly by.
As for my job. I love dogs and have siberian huskies myself. My problem is I want to keep most of the ones that are housed here.


I found out about my aneurysm Sept. 27th approx. 4 weeks agao. I was then sent for an MRI and now I have my appt with the surgeon. My CT scan showed a 7mm and the MRI that was done 2.5 weeks later showed 8mm. So I dont know if it’s grown in that time or?? Anyway, I also dont understand why I’m seeing a surgeon here when my family dr told me that I would have to travel to Toronto or London. Toronto is about 2.5 - 3 hrs and London is about 5 hrs if they want to do surgery. At this point I’m only assuming I will have some sort of surgery but I suppose it’s possible that I won’t or can’t? I have so many questions it seems and still no answers.
I’m happy for you that you have your surgery date…I know that will cause some stress all on it’s own but you must be happy to know that they are going to get this taken care of and soon, you’ll go back to living your life the way that you want to. :slight_smile:


Hi Tina, it is an interesting point whether to work or not work with an unruptured anuerysm. I was diagnosed on Sept 7th accidentally as part of a nother medical investigation, immediately signed off work and told to do virtually nothing until after I had sugery (this was by an endocrine consultant I was seeing). So for several weeks I have been off sick and quite unwell with the stress/shock of an unexpected diagnosis plus a thyroid problem which was picked up. Now, after having met with both a neurosurgeon and neuoradiology consultant they are telling me that there is no reason why I don’t go about my normal duties until I have my operation - 1/2 months depending upon stabilising my thyroid problem, yet the endocrine consultant and family doctor are advising against going back to work. Personally, I do feel a lot better now that the medication for my thyroid is kicking in and I do wonder whether I would be better off at work part time to keep my mind off other things, i.e. impending surgery etc. It would be interesting to know how other people are dealing with their lives after identification of an unruptured aneurysm - business as usual or wrapped in a cocoon??


I was diagnosed in June 09 after having the MRI and CT Scan in August 08. Several missteps by my Primary and the hospital I had the original tests done at. I did not have surgery to clip my aneurysm until Sept 09. I definitely feel you live life as usual as much as you can. I am relieved to have it behind me, but I would do what you normally do as much as possible until your surgery. Good Luck!


Hi Caro,
Can I ask what you are taking for your thyroid? I have been taking meds for mine serveral years now. It was found when I went to the doctor for the flu and he did a massive amount of blood tests that I even had a thyroid problem. I did the ratioactive iodine then a few years later was told I had thyroid failer. I have since then been taking one pill a day. Are they giving you pills or will you also do the ratioactive iodine?
Either way getting it undercontrol will help in how you feel…


Hi Kimberley, how are you today? I have been put on Levothyroxin and am having the doseage monitored and gradually increased. Have been taking it for about 6 weeks now and some of the symptoms I was having are starting to improve. I gained a lot of weight as my thyroid function went down, hope fully I will be able to get that under control,but it is frustrating at the moment having to take it easy and not being able to go to the gym and exercise. Caro

That is the same that I take and you will find after awhile that they will help with some of the health problems that you had before finding it…finding the right dosage takes time but hang in there it will be worth it…

I am back to work (had one rupture in June) while I wait for my surgery which has been scheduled for December 13. I teach middle school, so there is a possibility that stress would be a factor. Three on the other side of my head were clipped in June and this one had to wait. It is only 2-3 mm (invasive angiogram is next week to get the exact size), so my neurosurgeon said I could wait. I want it taken care of and off my radar. It takes a lot of patience to wait though :-).

When I was told about my aneurysm I was told to take it easy but also not to lift over 10lbs. So i went about my life, and also they gave me xanax so when i started freeking that helped. I got out every day to see my friends and tried to have a giggle every day. My surgeon wanted me to have my clippig right away, however i could not because I am on blood thinners. So I had to wait 2 weeks to get it out of system and all was scheduled. I felt during that time like i was circling the air port. On surgery day i was so ready to land and get to the healing started My family. friends and getting out help so much.
I too have thyroid issues . I had both sides taken out. one at a time, and the funny part is on the same date but a year a part. I take synthroid. The one honest thing my surgeon told me is that it would take about 2 years to get my body back to normal. I have found that to be so true. Being hypo is horrible and hybo is sad , as weight gain and being bloated in like 2 weeks makes you feel horrible, but in time it does work out. I also lost most of my parathyroid…i have had to mess with some major systems of the body, but i am still in the game.

many blessiings

Hi Jada, Good luck with your procedure. My husband, Frank, will have his craniotomy in July 2011 to clip his other aneurysm. His Neurosurgeon told him it’s not life threatening at this point. So we decided to wait till our daughter is out of school for the year. She’s an honor student and is very worried about her dad. Wishing you a lovely holiday. CIndy


I faced very similar questions that you have asked about. (Differences are that my aneurysm did rupture and was coiled in two subsequent surgeries and I still have a 2cm neck on mine that is in a wait and watch mode). I made my decisions for many various reasons - and what may be right for me, may not be right for you.

My question to you is what happens if your partner enforcment officers on foot patrol are counting on you to help them or back them up in a situation, and you suddenly can’t because the aneursym you are waiting to get surgery on ruptures due to your physical work requirements while you are assisting in a situation, or you never make it to them because you exert yourself and losse consciousness???

If by enforcment officer you don’t have such obligations and responsibilities, then maybe this isn’t even a concern and your doctor will allow you to continue in your daily activities without limitations. Every aneursym is different and every solution is different. Good luck to you and the right decision will come to you.

Hey Tina,
Waiting is was so frustrating for me yet i also found it to be a great time to spend with family and friends. My neurosurgeon wanted me to have surgery the following week, however being on blood thinners I needed to wait an extra week. I always use the analogy of circling the airport, as that is what i felt like I was doing. He did say not to lift over 10 lbs. so i just followed directions.
I had 3 months earlier my first mini stroke, which lead me to all this crazyness, yet it saved my life really. I feel like it was a warning shot there. I am and always have been a stay at home mom, so that is 24/7 …i am really grateful that at that time my kids were 15 & 20 . So that was another blessing, but also came with it’s own challenges. It is difficult when one doc says lay low, and the other says get out there and live…moderation is what i did. I was also trying to get into surgery shape for myself, i needed to get myself in the best space i could. I walked every night ( strokes really just knock you back) and also mentally.

It is interesting i too have thyroid issues, well I have no thyroid. Mine was taken out in 95 and the other side to the date 95. Also they left a slice of my parathyroid. Hang in there it takes time to get the right dosage and while being hypo is really crappy especailly the weight gain. Being Hyper is equally as wicked… I have always taken Synthroid and always the same dosage 175mg, and then after my brain clipping I know have to take 150. The thyroid is a really important system in the body. So i hope your meds are helping really soon and you get to your correct dosage.

Many blessings


I can’t answer this sweetie…you should talk to your Doctor…I am lucky enough to be a housewife…