Does it ever end?

Most of you know me as someone that has a positive attitude, happy and it seems that I don’t let alot stop me. Most of you also know that three weeks ago I was hit with an infection that put me in emergency surgery to remove part of my skull bone. It’s been hell ever since. Three weeks later and I am still in the hospital. After a week I was moved to the hospital closer to home, yesterday I was moved back the the hospital where my last 3 surgeries were preformed. It seems that I have hade a servere reaction to antibiotcs. As of today I am off all antibiotics and they are giving me meds to counteract the reaction. I am tired of being in hospitals and even more tired of not feeling a bit like myself. I need a little cheering up since now I am in the infections section which means that just because I don’t have anything contagious does not mean that just down the hallway someone else doesn’t. we stay in our rooms and those of us that can go outside we have our own door to the outdoors but the length we can go is our own small patio the sze of a window…I am not the type of person that can go without people contact. So how is everyone else doing?

It sounds like you've been through a lot. Sorry to hear all of this. Keep your chin up, can be hard to do some days but try and keep this in mind "this too shall pass". You're where you need to be right now in order to get well. :-) xxx

How long post op were you when the infection started Kimberly?? I'm asking because today, I don't feel very well. The last few days I've had this strange feeling come and go in my head. Vertigo, light dizziness and headaches just on the right side (same side I was cut). I also think I may be slightly feverish. I'm now 7 weeks post op and see my surgeon next week on April 6th for a follow up.

I wish I could cheer you up hon...


Tina, It is very important if you feel feverish or you notice any swelling AT ALL that was not there before that you contact your doctor right away! I felt great one day and the very next woke up swollen and in pain. Went to the ER where they did a CT scan to find that there was fluid which was believed to be infected. Next day they had to remove a part of my skull bone. Please, Please if your question anything check it out. Oh this was only 3 weeks post op the 2nd surgery which is where they are saying the infection took place and a very slight chance that it was from the 1st surgery which was Nov.17,2010




You have been through more than your share...I am so sorry...

If it helps...I am allergic to many antibiotics...penicillian, z-pak, macrobid, cipromax, biaxin...this happened some years ago...and it is very scary...but I see an immunologist who has helped me when I have to be on antibiotic...I am only allowed certain kinds ... and they must be given at first in baby doses, along with inhibitors...working my way up to full strength...a few years ago I was given staph after a surgery ... and there was an antibiotic that did work for me...why am I telling you all this??? Because there is help out there, but we are few and far between that truly have this allergy...even had medical people laugh at me...that hubby should put me in a bubble...

Well now that didn't sound so positive...but truthfully...I have to believe "God Gives us what we can handle"...and I pray that God gave you enough...and healing comes your you can go home...Know that someone is thinking and praying for you ... and trying so hard to send you cyber ~healing...Hugs Colleen

Hey Girl!

Find the attitude you are comfortable with. Dig deep and never think you are alone. When I am going through rough periods I always think there are many worse off than me and give myself a tender little boot in the ass. I know it's easy for me to say this and so so much harder to put it into effect. 3 days in the hospital is hard for me and here you are 3 weeks! I agree that God only gives you what you can handle and apparently somebody tipped him off on how tough you are. You have hit a bump on the road to recovery and I'm sending invisible little guys over to help you out to endure and heal. You may not see them but they are by your side reminding you what a positive person you are and how tough you are when the going gets tough. The little guys do tend to be gassy so please accept my apologies in advance. Hang tough and heal - that is why you are there and why you will be home eventually. 1 day 2 days 3 days 3months who knows. Here is what I do know. YOU CAN DO IT.

All that your going through and your asking how we are doing! It's a bump in the road your on and if you look around you have people all around you cheering you on since we all share similiar experiences and we are all on recovery road togethor.....

Hi Kimberley

I'm so sorry to hear of the setbacks - but am so glad that you've reached out. Despite not feeling well and being sick of being sick, your self-preservation instict is strong and on-target and you reached out, which is really good - and I'm not just saying that - connecting with others and being able to ask for support is a huge huge factor in your resilience. You WILL WILL WILL get through this - though at times I'm sure you feel like you can't stand another minute. Someday, you will look back on this as an incredibly hard time, but it WILL feel like a time that is in the past, and you will have moved through and far beyond it. It's the sitting smack in the middle that is so hard.

I know in my heart, for what that's worth, that you will be fine. You have a rich future waiting for you - and for some nasty reason (or complete non-reason) you've hit some big bumps, but you have a rich future. I don't know if you do any mindfulness or meditation, but perhaps you can do some visualization - just try to bring yourself mentally to a place and time that was peaceful and where you felt safe and happy.

Please keep up the writing. You've been on my mind, and it's so good to hear from you. And I do believe that you'll see those puppies again before they're adopted!

Big hugs,


Hi ya Kimberley...I think I had a bit of a bug to be honest. Feeling better now, although the bouts of lightheadedness (is that all one word) lol anyway, that and the headaches and so forth have been happening. Surgeon is aware and I see him next week. Just thought I'd update that. :-) xx

How are you doing today?? It's another day and one day closer to you getting out of there. Hugs!!


god it dosnt end you poor thing,hopefully yur go home soon god bless linda

Hi Kimberley: Haven't been on this site for awhile. Sorry to here of your continued time @ the hospital. Are you playing music? I did that when stuck 3 weeks @ hospital. Upbeat music. The staff actually liked it ! Smiling, laughing, etc.

IPod or Pandora on a cell phone, etc. It really helped me feel upbeat while laying in those uncomfortable hospital beds. I also played it when I walked around the Nursing Unit with my walker. Hope you get discharged soon!!!!!

Best, Judi

Hi Judi,

Music is a great idea and I do play it when possible. Right now I am in a room with two very old people so it almost seems like I disturb do take lots of walks around the hospital though.

Do you paint or draw-or write, this may be something to take up time in the hospital, or even read. I hope the time passes well for you and you heal well.


You have been thru so are blessed that you are being given health care and NOT being sent home early. I pray you will find a way to cherish the care you are being given...even if you are bored walking in a to stay there until well-healed and not having to return...

So many suggestions noted below...I think we can all have a bad long as it doesn't stay...

Hope you will stay in touch and keep us informed... How are the pets and who is taking care of them, etc...