Do not feel good

I have been feeling bad for about a week I just don’t feel right, I feel funny and sick every time I try to to walk like I’m going to throw up and my legs don’t want to hold me up, I was thinking flue, it is not going away. Should I call which doctor?

Yes, you should call a doctor, immediately. Whether you’ve had a unruptured or a ruptured aneurysm these are symptoms to be concerned about. Even if its not related to an aneurysm, it may still be something that requires medical attention.

thank you Tiffany I feel so bad , can hardly move, I don’t want to thur this again

Just wondering if you went to the Dr. and if you are ok. Please let us know.

how are you feeling now? any changes to what is going on??

I’m still feeling bad, this is not going away, was trying to get up my tree. I didn’t make it. my 6 year old great grandson came and trimed it. Who knows maybe my last Christmas I hope I make it. I know putting off is not good, I’ll call tomorrow. I died and came back, i know better.
Thanks for caring Wilma

Please even call and inform the nurse how you feel, so you can see your doctor. If you call the doctors office and inform them how you feel-they will inform you as to what to do. Please inform us as to how things go.

called the doctor and he’s out this week and they said to call family doctor whom I called and he’ off till after Christmas, bad time of year to get sick. all that is left is ER. The doctors around don’t treat the brain half to go 45 miles. my family doctor told me a couple of months ago not to get it treated not to go down. He say to much is wrong with me I’m too old I’m 68 and I feel 90.

go to the er immediately,they will have nuerologist and intervevtion radiologist to look at ur history,make them fix whats wrong so u can feel ur age,u can do it,stay strong sweety and get ur family to help you…i hope you get better…i will keep prayers going up for restored health,God bless

Sorry to took so long, Got in to see the heart doctor, he check me and thinks it’ll pass, He’s more worry about the heart, been running tests, got to go back next week. I do feel a lot better,he said if it happen agains to call him or go to ER.
Do the heart lungs and brain work together?