Just wondering how many are still dizzy in open spaces, i am 2 yrs out and still get dizzy in open spaces , thanks so much.

Hi Laurie, I am four years out from rupture, still really really dizzy. I am starting physical therapy again next week. The neurologist thinks it can help me with some of my issues. I will keep you posted.


I’m 3 years out from clipping and have a small one on watch and wait. I have the sme thing and also feel sort of tingly all over sometimes.

i had physical therapy also but no good for me anyway maybe good for you shelly :slight_smile: thomas i learned that can be nerves healing back together plus i learned the dizzy is called post trauma vertigo.Now i’m no dr but i wanted to know why two neurologist told me they cant help me and wished me good luck, so i got on here and found that answer about post trauma vertigo.


My wife is 16 months post rupture and still very dizzy. Does anything you've tried work>?