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Disappearing Aneurysm?


In 2012 a post-accident head CT scan imaged an unruptured 2mm x 2mm x 3mm BA off the left carotid artery.
2013 - CTA: (same result - 2mm x 2mm x 3mm),
2014 - CTA: (same result - 2mm x 2mm x 3mm),
2015 - CTA: (grew to 3mm x 3mm x 4mm),
2015 - CTA: (same result - 3mm x 3mm x 4mm),
2016 - CTA: (same result - 3mm x 3mm x 4mm),
2017 - No Scan
2018 - No Scan
03/28/2019 - CTA: (!!!NO ANEURYSM!!!)

Its important to know that I did not have any type of procedure to either clip, coil, and/or stent the above mentioned BA. In addition, the above CT scans were performed at the same hospital, using the very same Siemens CT Unit.
Needless to say I am perplexed by this. Obviously, this would be fantastic news if it were true. I do not believe it is.
Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
Thank you all!

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Just recently, I heard of something like this. A friend had had severe headaches and was diagnosed with an aneurysm and then his latest CT scan revealed that the aneurysm had disappeared. Hard to believe I agree. I do know that he has accepted the diagnosis. Hoping yours has disappeared as well.



I haven’t heard of one just disappearing but I’m no medical expert. One thing that comes to mind is I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The second thing is was the CT done with and without contrast? Have they ever followed up with an MRA with and without contrast?

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Yes. I’d seek for a 2nd or even 3rd image done. Not to fool you down, but to give $ to those facilities. :smiley:. Seriously, just to be sure that you are free with aneurysm.

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I was having regular scans then Sheffield forgot all about me, 2017 I had another bleed I had further gamma knife it takes 3 years but 2018 received a letter from Sheffield stating I’m cured but no doctor signed the letter, but I’m now discharged it is hard to believe

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the CT imaging was performed without, then with Iodine contrast of both the head and neck. (I have a titanium cervical fusion cage from C2-C6 that was also being assessed.)
It is important to also know that;

  1. I have recently lost 112-lbs - (trying to through diet & minor physical activity). I am 50-yr old male and went from 296-lbs to 184-lbs and feel great.
  2. My blood pressure at time of imaging was very low as is normally the case in the evening. (~95/60). Common sense tells me this alone may have had at least some impact as to the way my blood vessels appeared.
  3. I completely eliminated the following items in my diet approximately 6-months ago. (No additional table salt, no bread, no pasta, no white rice, no cheese, no processed foods, no unnecessary carbohydrates.)
    With all this said, my Intervening Radiologist’s Office has told me after tens of thousands of aneurysms, they had never heard of anyone having an aneurysm that just “disappeared”. I am still waiting on a call from the Dr. himself. I will update this topic posting as info comes in.
    Lastly, I would never look a gift horse in the mouth as I grew up on a horse ranch in Texas. However, if memory serves me correctly, the Trojans didn’t either.
    Thanks again Moltroub!!


Also, I cannot have MRI’s because of ferro-magnetic shrapnel in my abdomen and chest. Only CT’s. Dr. hasn’t wanted to do balloon catheritization because of the small size of my BA.



No doubt!! I agree 100%. Thank yo bibewelove!!



That sounds great if not a little questionable. How do you feel about this and what are your next steps? What did the gamma knife do exactly? I am unfamiliar with this procedure on BAs. Thanks Theresa6!!



Thank you Ida!!



I am so curious about your case so I looked this up since both of my sister and brother also have un-rupture aneurysms (with 4mm and 6mm in sizes) two years ago after the incidental discovery of my aneurysm. It is such a blessing. And, I admire you that you can restrict the fat and heavy carbs. I will try to cut if off since I picked up those junks ‘after’ my surgery. Boy, I gain some weight and I don’t like it. Well, thanks for the story. Best luck on you with a disappearing aneurysm. Great!!!

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I have a friend who had an MRI which revealed an aneurysm. Followed up with an MRA which confirmed it. She went for a consult with the head of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation on Long Island. He confirmed the aneurysm but wanted her to have a CTA before scheduling the coiling. The CTA came back negative, he said it must have been a glitch. She went to a different neurosurgeon who did an angiogram CONFIRMING the aneurysm. Do to its location it could not be seen by the CTA. She is scheduled for a coiling.

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Don’t know if you BELIEVE (have faith in Christ), but I do! And I’m sure others who knew of your distress interceded on your behalf! Thank God that your aneurysm has dissolved. I firmly BELIEVE, God did this for YOU!!! Seek Him and ASK. <3



I have had 4 surgeries, craniotomy, coiling which failed about 10 years later, it came through over 50% bigger, so I also have 2 pipelines on each side of my brain. I have never heard of one disappearing, ever. I would also get a second opinion, but let’s not forget divine intervention, get the 2nd opinion! :pray::pray::pray:

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Good for you on the life style changes! You’re an inspiration, really!

I’d probably trust the Intervening Radiologist Office given what they do. Not sure I’d trust someone who states tens of thousands, it’s possible I imagine, if calculating all the other types of aneurysms, length of time in business and number of patients per year, just saying…and wondering if the person offered to sell a bridge maybe in Brooklyn?

I grew up with horses in Southern California, before all those two legged animals moved in. Your comment made me laugh, a lot, thanks!

I imagine you, the shrapnel and an MR machine wouldn’t be too pleasant, good thing you’re staying far, far away

Let us know what the other doc has to say



Awesome & I will. Regarding “tens of thousands”… I tend to believe what she said. This is a radiology group with 24 radiologists on staff affiliated with 3 major hospital systems (U of M, Michigan State, etc.) covering Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland. This clinic doesn’t seem to subscribe to the “disappearing” aneurysm theory. They won’t, however, rule out the possibility of divine intervention. (;



They can shrink or disappear altogether. It’s not common but not that uncommon.

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No such thing as divine intervention on the aneurysm disappearing. If that were the case then I would tend to think the aneurysm would be divinely apt to not show up at all.
Just saying.

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I can’t affirm anything except to add that we know a lady who had a ruptured aneurysm that healed with no intervention. She had no serious deficiencies afterward, either. My wife met with her and another small group who had had aneurysms at some time.



I’d go with their count too! And since I’m still here to aggravate others, DI isn’t too far fetched in my mind.

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