Difficulty with complex ideas

Does anybody else feel that they can't cope with complex dicussions as well as they used to? I sometimes feel that my brain is sluggish and 'loses the thread' of discussions. It makes me feel inferior and reluctant to take part in conversation in case I kind of seize up in my thinking and sday something stupid. My 18 yr old son who is off to uni soon to study politics and economics likes to have debates with me and his dad about all sorts of topics, but I often find I can't follow his logic, it's too complicated and I get lost in the argument. He then gets frustrated with me. I am wondering if this is a consequence of the SAH + coiling that I had 2 years ago, or whether it's just that he is getting way beyond me anyway in what he can grasp and discuss. After my annie, I got back to work as a music teacher within 3 months and haven't really suffered any adverse effects at all apart from the occasional spasm of pain in the head and this sluggishness in following logical arguments and discussions. It's as if my brain kind of seizes up and refuses to make the connections. I am new to this site. Does anybody identify with what I am saying at all?

I find that I tire more easily since coiling and when I get tired I have trouble processing information so discussions, particularly technical ones, are harder for me to follow. It has got better as the months have passed since my coiling but I do still find that I have problems and at times don't feel I am as agile minded as I was pre-aneurysm days