Difficult Times

My husband Mike (42) had a ruptured aneurysm back in October. We have two sons: Tyler 5 and Nathan 3. Since then, he has just been to hell and back and my heart is just breaking for him. He has had a total of five brain surgeries since then due to complications of the aneurysm and hydrocephalus and then a fractured scull/bleed due to a fall. He developed Miller Fisher Syndrome which has left him with bilateral full facial paralysis and overall weakness. We took him down to John Hopkins over Easter…they were amazing! That is were he got diagnosed with the Miller Fisher Syndrom…it was a much needed answer to his condition and a relief that symptoms usually subside within a year. They also found that his shunts were overdraining causing problems with his functioning. Wednesday, he is going into surgery once again for another shunt revision to hopefully solve the overdrainage issue and improve his recovery. He is 24/7 supervision and assistance. But he is so scared to go through this again…I am so scared…it just feels like every time he takes one step forward, we go two steps back. The doctors warned me back in October that there were going to be many “bumps in the road” but I never imagined anything like this…these aren’t bumps…they are mountains. Trying to keep the faith that someday Mike will get his life back.

please give mike my blessings, sounds like he has been tough so much.its not a easy road give him our love and prayers and to you and boys also.hang in there were there for you

Blessings to you and to Mike and lots of lots of luck for a good outcome to his upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery x

Alycia = this is such a hard time for you and your husband and family. It’s a good thing that there are still things the doctors can do to help him imrove, but I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to go through all of this and see him go through all of this I’m glad you’ve found BAF. Best wishes.

Thank you all for your encouraging words and well wishes!

My Heart goes out to Mike, you and your boys for what you must have been through, My Thoughts and best wishes for wednesdays Surgery, and prayers for a positive and speedy recovery, Please try not to be scared... you have climbed these mountains for a reason and that can only be to succeed.

Positive thoughts coming your way


I feel so bad for your husband and your family...I read your post and was just totally shocked with what you all have endured at this point and what you still have ahead...My heart goes out too you all along with my prayers...



prayers goin up for positive move forward w/o regress, strength and comfort for ur family…its a slow progression to a full recovery especially when we hit those inevitable potholes…lol…just keep the optomism strong and everything else will follow suit…God has got him and your family in his arms…stay strong n dont let go of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…he will make it…just slow n easy…much love n prayers goin to ya’ll…take care n know you have so many that have been thru these trying times n made it back with some normalcy…it will happen…chin up!..take care n God bless

Alycia...my prayers to all of you...

Many hugs,


Thank you for all your support. Mike had his surgery yesterday. It was late in the afternoon so he was very groggy from the anestesia the rest of the night. Surgeon said there were no complications and that the procedure went well. Hoping this will help his recovery.

Hi Alycia

So pleased the procedure went well. I have been following your story and cannot believe what obstacles Mike and yourself and boys have had to endure. You are truly fighters not just survivors, an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Best Wishes


All the best to your husband, your little boys & YOU as “caregiver”. Keep strong & you all will get through the hurdles. I’ve learned it makes us appreciate life & each other on a glorious, richer basis! Best to the 4 of You…Judi

Alycia...am so glad to know Mike has gotten results from his treatment on Miller Fisher Syndrome and expect you have researched that on the 'net...NINDS has info on it... when I responded the first time it seemed so overwhelming. NINDS has a great deal of info to help us understand (somewhat) various neurological issues.

I am pleased for you all that Johns Hopkins provided diagosis and treatment...more than delighted that Mike has gone thru his surgery and so much good recovery is anticipated. You have one of the best medical resources...not available in every location/state... I pray that Johns Hopkins has covered w/you the expectations/anticipations for recovery....

Hugs and many more prayers to you all...

Wow...it just never, ever ends. The day after surgery, Mike was sitting up, alert, speech was wonderful...looked better than ever! Next day, everything started going downhill. Sleeping round the clock, TERRIBLE pain that pain killers are not even touching, breathing problems, unbalanced---can barely sit up and cannot walk on walker anymore. He is still in the hospital...probably going to need inpatient rehab again. I am quickly running out of coverage for that. This will be it...god forbid he needs medical rehab again before January. We are all so discouraged....

My heart goes out to you. It is times like this that makes me feelso angry with the injustice of aneurysms!!!!!! But also the need to try to stay positive and say that extra prayer for those we have not met but have touched our hearts.

My thoughts and hopes are with you

Best wishes