I have another question. My mom had her aneurysm ruptured 2.5 months ago. To make a long story short, she is at a Skilled nursing facility now. I have to admit that it's been really a challenge for us because since she cannot talk, we have to rely on our daily visit to determine what has changed. My mom was doing well last Thursday; suddenly since Friday, she has shown signs of low-ness, down-ness, hopelessness. I don't know if it is depression or not. She doesn't really eat. She is not motivated. Also, she used to be able to touch her face at times, but she has lost the ability to touch her face?

Is she experiencing depression? I don't know because she can't talk (loud) or talks incoherently.

Please help.

Thank you everyone!


Hi Helen...and when you read here at BAF you will see that depression is one of the symptoms we experience after a Brain aneurysm...a lot has to do with we truly don't know the part of the brain that has been touched, the medications we are on and were on in the hospital, and they often find many of us being diagnosed with "PTSD" after the surgery...this and all symptoms should be discussed with mom's Doctors...she shouldn't have to suffer alone...

Also, your mom is so early in the healing journey...most of us, take up to 1 year to truly know our "new normal"... mom needs lots of love and patience...and above all rest for her brain to heal...

Sending out a prayer to you and your mom this minute ~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen. I appreciate your response very much. It’s been a tough road for us. Thank you again.