Denise Gaudette Question re: ACOA Aneurysm

I was diagnosed with a 1mm aneurysm of the ACOA inferiorly, just before I lost my health ins. I was also diagnosed with a mild form of von-willibrands disease. ( a bleeding disorder)This is all I know so far. Should I be concerned? Do they all grow? Does or did anyone else have this type of aneurysm? I will be getting health ins .July1,2012. Should I have another Mra & when? Does a bleeding disorder complicate things since I bleed easier? Just a little nervous because I can not get any medical answers at this time. Thank you in advance for you answers.

Thank You so much for responding . You are so kind. Yes, this news is encouraging! Hope this day finds you well. Hugs to you, Denise

Gotcha in my Thoughts Denise...~