Decline in health

Since the coil and stint I have had thyroid issues, and a seizure. When the doctors checked to ensure my coil and stint was still in place they stated at some point I had a small stroke at some point. Has anyone else had these issues following their coil and stint?

hi s'ville!! great topic! im very concerned also- i haven't experienced your sickness's but ive had a sinus infection & currently suspect an inner ear infection which i got drops for but didnt work- back to dr tuesday, at least the dizzyness has subsided but the itching is worse!!! the reason i mention this is because i have no prior history & fear i'm declining healthwise or maybe im just getting old??-55--anyway enough of my paranoid thoughts, i hope your coils are ok, i suppose we must try to dwell on the "big picture"-WE SURVIVED!! take care-bless you & yours!

Hi is good to see a post from you, but not good that you continue to have issues...

I too am having so many issues from coils, the residual, headaches, etc., Sometimes I am never sure if the coils have helped and/or hurt more things in my brain...You are not alone...~ and it seems Doctors (neuro) are afraid because I am not the textbook case, and alot of damage was done when I was I wait and see...

Like Ron said...I am a Survivor ... no matter what the case...

Are they doing anything for you with your thyroid (medications, etc.,) ... and what about seizure meds...? Is any of this helping...? Right this minute I am sending a prayer up for you and some positive vibes...I know this has been such a tough road for you...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thanks so much to both of you. I am so grateful to still be alive-as I will be a new grandma in March for the first time! I am on thyroid medicine and this appears to help this. And I was put on a seizure med and a beta blocker. The beta blcker appears to help but the seizure med seems to strong-so attemtping to get back in to see what to do here-as it is making me have confusion, slurred speech, and I walk like I am drunk. But still sent back to work-which my workplace has been great with everything.

thats great s'ville!! i hope u get the meds worked out-you've once again put a smile on my face-so glad you're work is on your side!

Congrats better days ahead Sturdyville ~ Cyber ~hugs Colleen