Dealing with making the decision to have the surgery or not

I am afraid to have the surgery.

My aneurysm has not ruptured but I am still afraid. I think I may not be the same person after the surgery. Dr Barrow is nice and he seems to think I will be okay after the surgery. My aneurysm is on my right side. How did you deal with your scar? I have seen a lot of pictures on the website.

I wish for you and others facing the decisions peace. For some of us the decision was made for us. My aneurysm ruptured on February 9, 2012. I also had an unruptured one. Both were coiled. I had some headaches while I spent 38 days in the hospital, 20 of those in ICU. I have no memory of those 20 days. Just woke up the 21st wondering where I was etc… They said I was not in a coma and had been talking to everyone that came in the door. I also managed to have pneumonia,a urinary tract infection and a heart attack

Dr. Barrow did my clipping surgery 10 yrs. ago. AT that time he had done more than a thousand aneursym surgeries and 300 surgeries where mine was. Mine was behind my right eye off the opthamalic (sp) artery. He is an awesome surgeon. Recovery is tough but very doable. Mine had not ruptured but I had the choice of coiling or clipping but chose clipping because coiling had not been around too long. I am 53 now and feel good. Emory is a wonderful place. You are very fortunate to be able to go there for surgery. Any surgery is scary. I had alot of people praying for me and I had such a peace before surgery. Scared to death, but I had peace that this had to be done. After reading the stories of ruptured annies, I feel very blessed that mine did not. As for the scar. No one can tell I had brain surgery until I tell them. It is behind the hair line so you don't see it once the hair grows back which took about 6 months. They only shaved where the surgery was so I was able to wear hats. I took xanyx before my sugery to calm my nerves. Just remember to Dr. Barrow this is just like a dentist doing a root canal. He does it all the time and it is just routine to him, not to you maybe, but you will be in great hands. I will be praying for you to also have that peace that only God can give at a time like this. Hang in there, schedule surgery and get on with your life. The sooner you get it done the sooner you can start to recover.

I have made up my mind to have the surgery. I have been in constant prayer since the "annie" was discovered. I appreciate you all sharing your experiences with me. I have heard alot of good things about Dr. Barrow and I know he is the one of the best in his field. Robyn my aneurysm is located behind the right eye in the opthamalic artery. How long does recovery take?

To be perfectly honest, it took me a good 6 months to a year before I felt 90%. I don't think you are ever completely back to normal, but as we have talked about on this site, you adjust to a new normal. The main thing for me in recovery(remember everyone is different) was the stamina, tiredness, whatever you want to call it. It took a long time to go all day and not get tired. Just remember we use our brain for everthing, even to breathe our brain has to work. A brain that has gone through surgery, has to have rest. You will know when you need to stop and rest. I still to this day know when my brain is getting tired and I just stop what I am doing a chill for a little bit. The pain was controlled by Loritab and an ice pack was my best friend at times. Many months after I would still do the ice pack if I did too much that day and had a little pain. For me the pain was not unbearable, but can get a little aggravating after a while. I had a little short term memory loss but that has gotten better over time. I can truly say I am happy with the person I have become after brain surgery. I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old, but when you learn you have a brain aneurysm and you have no control over the situation, you learn to truly let God take control. A lesson worth learning. Our annies are in the same place, so I know you will be fine. Hang in there. " On Mount Moriah, the Lord provided a ram to redeem Isaac, and centuries later there HE provided a Lamb to redeem me. If God will provide Ultimate Redemption, will HE not provide the daily redemptions from fear, doubt, worry and care?" Paul Browlow. Cast all your worry on HIM. I will continue to pray for that peace that I had before surgery.

HI and Again Welcome...You ahve been given alot of good advice...and I think you need to seek deep down inside yourself and find what is best for YOU...only you can make the decision to go ahead and have surgery or not...

~ Colleen

I had a choice between a craniotomy to clip the annie or to undergo more coils...I chose the craniotomy--and am very happy about the decision, would do it again if needed (Hope I don't ofcourse) None of this is easy !! Peace, Janet

I am happy I found this website…I appreciate all the encouragement and for everyone sharing a piece of their lives…Dr Barrow seems to think I will be okay… He said I should be able to go back to my routine in 6 to 8 weeks…

Jim…Dr Barrow is very nice and I know he has done the surgery a thousand times… I am a nervous wreck most hours of the day and the other hours I am trying my best not to think about it… How did you cope before your surgery?

Janet… I appreciate you writing on me… I am still baffled because I went in for neck pain that I thought was causing me to have headaches and I get this news,… How big was you aneurysm?