Date Night!

So I’ve been very remiss in putting weekly stuff here. In fact I’ve been very remiss in coming to the site since April when my 82 yr old Mom went into the hospital, then rehab, then back to her home. My 83 yr oldDad has had three major ischemic strokes with too numerous to count TIAs and can’t be left alone. One could probably count on one hand my coming here since we started staying with my folks.

It’s been so long since we were home, the mice decided to move in! But since the dog is with us - I put out poison and to heck with the traps. We were going to go home mid June but will now transition with a day or two at home each week…I miss my bed.

I’ve always appreciated my caregiver and the sacrifices made, or so I thought. But going from my role into a caregiver aka career role has given me new perspective. There isn’t enough time in a day! Gone are nap and rest times. Gone is watching a movie or shows we like. Gone is talking on the couch or meeting friends on the spur of the moment for dinner.

Then I found myself enabling instead of encouraging independence as it was just easier to do it. The final straw that is helping to break that habit was a filthy toilet. After I just cleaned it. That was last Monday and Thursday we went out on a date night! We’re going again tonight.

Why are date nights important? It gives us as caregivers and recipients an opportunity to take a breath away from daily struggles. It is something we all have done at one time or another and it gives us a chance to reconnect. For three hours we can be ourselves with someone else answering our needs. And we can remember to breathe!

So I challenge all the members of the group to get with your significant other, a good friend, or just go by yourself - treat yourself to a movie, to dinner, or jus a walk in the park. Let us know how you get on with it, what you did and how it helped. There are some rules to Date Night - no discussion of health issues, war, famine, etc., treat each other with respect, most importantly have fun!