D-day is June 6th

So after many months of waiting for my 11 year old to finish school ( and getting the guts up to have this surgery), June 6th is the day for my coiling. I have completed a will, advanced directive and handled all the other gory details. I’m really scared and just found out my neurosurgeon’s last day at Vanderbilt is 06-10-13…lovely. I think I am finally at peace with having the coiling done for my unruptured 9mm Annie. I am mostly worried for my child particularly since I am a single mom with literally no family. Her dad is useless and lives in another state. I humbly ask you all pray for my daughter to be able to handle whatever comes next. Argh… I so dread this and hope I have made the right decision to treat this thing. Thank you all.

Hi Cindy, I will pray for your daughter and also for you that you will have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, I have had coiling done twice and also have a stent so try and keep positive sweetheart, Luv and hugs from England xxxx

Hello Cindy, hope you're ok. Wishihing you all the best for your procedure. I'm a single parent and i had the same worries for my sons. But i knew i was doing the right thing by having my ops. I did the will thing as well,ect. For peace of mind. Everything turned out well thank God.

I'll be praying for you and your daughter, have faith.


Cindy...You and your Daughter have my prayers ... keep us posted...we will be here when you return...~ (Cyber~hugs and prayers go out to YOU...~ Colleen)

hi cindy-my thoughts and prayers are with you and the child, is there friends nearby to assist? don't be too proud to ask for assistance- I pray you get some support. Please let us know as soon as you are feeling up to it~we care about you~ May God guide the surgeons every move and give you great healing power. Think positive~

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all of your kinds words; they are appreciated. I will post once this is over next week:) I can’t wait to finished with this part of it. My friends just don’t understand what I am going through; they try to help but there is just such a lack of knowledge about aneurysms in general. I am thankful I have people to vent to that have already walked in my shoes.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am right at 9mm too and hope to have the coiling done soon. One thing I really wanted to say is this. I had surgery when my daughter was 9. She was such a big help to her single mommy. I realize now, she was in it 100% to help me, like this little adult full of love willing to do anything. You will be amazed at what your child will be able to do to help. I prepared her ahead of time on what to expect, who to call etc. One time, when she could not wake her mommy after sleeping, she had a direct number to reach the doctor. The doctor told her to jiggle my head gently to wake me. (not brain surgery obviously!) She fed me, she went to neighbors to go buy me water and chocolate shakes. She sat and read to me. Prepare your child to pretend to be mommy for a few days and you will see how much pride your child will have in being able to help you instead of being shuffled off. Allow your child to be part of the process and it may not be as scary. That is what worked for me. Years later, my daughter still tells me, she would have been angry if I had sent her off to a relative during this time. She is 22 now and still jokes that she was the better care taker than I, when one of us was sick. Oh yes, that's right....she still IS the better care taker and now is here to help me for my annies!

Yes I truly believe you have made the right decision.

I had two annies coiled and stented recently and it's not that bad. Headaches were my biggest problem.

Hi Cindy! So glad you are having your coiling done. I had one clipped in Jan. and got a pipeline stent 2 weeks ago. I had no problems after the clipping. I have headaches from the stent.. My prayers are with you and your daughter. Have Faith . and trust in the Lord.

You & your daughter are in my thoughts & prayers. Praying for successful surgery & peaceful recovery.

I know that it's incredibly scary, but you and your daughter will be fine!!!!!! When I woke from my surgery, still totally drugged in the recovery room, I probably had the stupid-est big grin on my face because I knew it was over with. Just imagine that moment - when you wake and the relief you will feel. Really - it will be okay.

Best to you,


I just wanted to let you know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow for a successful procedure. Please be sure to let us know how you are doing as soon as you are able. You have a lot of members on this site supporting your journey to becoming a survivor. Stay strong, keep your faith and remember we are all here for you!

Cindy...Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers...~ Colleen

You have my prayers today ...

keeping you and yours in thoughts and prayers~ please post when you feel up to it~


Please forgive my belated prayer...they are constant here...And, prayers surround you... and your daughter... for your coiling and for your recovery...


Hi everyone! I had the angiogram today and they couldn’t complete the coiling as the aneurysm neck was too large. They are now saying I need a ped. So I am being referred to a new neurosurgeon here goes round 2. Thank u all for your sweet words, prayers and support:) As soon as I know more will let u know.

Cindy...I am amazed...

Was this your initial diagnostic angio? Does your note "couldn't complete" mean any coiling was begun?

There have been several FDA approved stents since at least 2002 to use ICW coiling of a wide-neck aneurysm...Stents were even implanted off-label (other than a wide-neck aneurysm) ...

FDA approval #s of various stents: H020002, H050001, H060001 and the newer P100018...easy to search by the #'s... May help you to review for questions to ask the next doc...

Many many prayers...


Thanks Pat. This was my first angiogram as my neurosurgeon does the angiogram and coiling in one step as opposed to two . I was diagnsosed with a mra. The surgeon didn’t attempt the coiling based of the width of the neck. I didn’t even get a chance to speak to the surgeon personally yet. I am only aware of what he told my friends. They are referring me to a pipeline embolization specialist. I will know more once I meet with the new doc. So ready to have this mess behind me instead of in front .

I had same issue but on second try. he did both stent and few coils. Has been a month and I feel great