Cyp2C19 3/3

the cyp2c19 /3/3is a geneotype that does not metabolize plavix. Get your blood checked with s Berkley test. the geneotype makes the differnce.

I can never be on Plavix again Karen...but will keep this in mind on any future blood thinners...~ Thanks for sharing ~ Colleen

I can't either, as my body does not metablolize plavix or aspirin. I was on the plavix for 6 months after the embolization and I wonder if that is why I had so many headaches and extreme fatigue. I have quit taking the aspirin too and I am feeling better. There are a lot drugs that won't work if you contain this geneotype, about 1/3 has it, but their are different degrees, the 3/3 level doesn't metabolize at all.

I had the Berkley lab test completed on my blood to determine the genectic makeup of my blood for cholesterol and this was discovered. It's very interesting, it seems to eliminate a lot of trial and error.