Cynthia Baumann?

Has anyone heard form Cynthia since her surgery on the 11th? Wondering how she is.


I spoke to her the night before. I have her cell as well as home phones. I’ll call her and rport back.

I was woundering the same thing… hope all is well…

Good that Thomas will be able to update us…

I am here NOT a Happy Camper w/ the administrative lack of comptetance.

I was supposed to get Firocet, NOT generic, and the NP and the Nurse did not fill out the paper work, which requires these words, NO Substitutions Brand Name Firocet ONLY THE NP was an ass. So I sit with no meds and a bad headache.

Furious too at Olvilvys little inerns showing up at 4 30 in am, not to mention OGilvy NOT explaining after surgery what was suppose to go on. I have a freaking headache. And am pissed.

Sending prayers your way! I had a really bad headache after I was released from the hospital too and sick the next day and had to get phenergan to knock me out and calm my stomach. Just know that you will improve.

Hugs and prayers!


She beat me to it. At least she is home. In pain and pissed is not good but I guess feisty is a good thing!


First, you are blessed to be here connecting w/us...a lot have not been able to...and/or are very delayed... I really did anticipate you were in the quality med management that does not radiate across country...even tho the term is commonly used.

Hugs and Prayers for your recovery, and for Ogilvy and his staff stepping explain your status and your expectations...Dr. O is so highly acclaimed and was the one who cared enough to establish the BAF...cudos (sp?...or my aphasias?)

Hugs and blessings for continued recovery... I was green with envy when you told us where you were getting your treatment...I know others who were delighted / satisfied with it...

Pat decribed feisty so well...

Hi Cynthia…donot continue to suffer…call The Doctor’s office and/or Hospital and get the prescription for the Ferocet…it truly was the only thing that helped me after my coiling…God Bless…our medical people in this country…leave alot to be desired…Cyber~hugs Colleen

:-) CB loves Tom, b/c he is kind!

I am so pissed off Colleen, I will call the office on monday, my pharmacist is working on it, thanks for the support!


I am praying that you soon get the relief you need and that you can remain calm and assertive towards your doctor and/or others in order to get what you need.

Please remember this, do not stress yourself out, it will do your health no good and right now, you need to be as calm as you can. Please take deep breaths and count. Your words express your frustration being at a level 10 out of 10.

You are not alone. I will tell you what happened to me when I went to have my surgery. I received a letter from my surgeon's office telling me to be at the hospital at 5 am for my surgery. So, my family drags themselves all out of bed to be with me and off we go to the hospital. When 5 am turned into 8am, then 9 am, then finally 10 am, I questioned what the hell was taking so long for my surgery. THey had come in, put in my IV, gave me meds for my back pain (i have chronic back pain so I require pain meds every 4 hours) and left me and my family sit there for hours. Finally, they got a Fellow who was working with my surgeon to come in an apologize profusely for the mistake. My letter should have said 5 PM not am. NOw, mind you that 10 days prior to my surgery I had been in the same hospital for a coiling that failed. Since I had to take plavix and aspirn for 10 days before my surgery I was sent home. The hospital had all my contact info and that of my husband, but for whatever reason, the doctor's office had my old contact info from 10 years ago!!!! My surgeon's office never checked with the hospital when they couldn't contact me by phone to see if they had a different phone number!!! SO there I sat from 5 am until around noon, when my surgeon came and put me first in line for surgery! Talk about incompetence! I was PISSED! as was my family.

Needless to say, I was not in pain, but I understand your frustration at incompetence.

My question to you is why can you not take the generic? Allergies? I guess I don't understand that portion or maybe i missed in your post why.

Please call your doc first thing Monday and get this straightend out, but remember to keep yourself calm. Being upset and frustrated I am sure is just making the head pain worse!

You are in my prayers and I hope that this resolves first thing Monday for you!

Best wishes,


Cynthia - so glad you are out of the hospital, but so sorry for your headaches. I guess now I know what I face next week. From what I gather, you think an intern did the op w/Oglesby supervising? I am not sure I would like that either - it should have been explained beforehand.

Do you know how long the surgery took? My doctor has said 4 hours for mine (with a stent). How long have you been home? I hope you get relief soon from the headache. How awful for you!