Cyber Squared Support?

How many of you Skype? Thinking of having a support call periodically where we can all talk in person, or perhaps I’ll start another recovery meeting on Blog Talk Radio where I have my other Thursday night show: In a Flash Recovery Now. Got to thinking about it…We have no support in Omaha, thought some of you might be in the same boat. What say you? :slight_smile: I’m in central time, and would probably make the call or show audio only from my end, and fairly late to keep the noise down in the background.

Kim; a friend has several times told me to get Skype...recently caled and reminded me again...

BUT...I'd have to "learn" something new...and, that is what trips in learning memory!

Now, when friend on Skype calls, I am on my land line...I have toll-free landline, so what Skype # would I call to reach you?


Hi Kim...I will think about it...but I donot skype...sorry...keep us posted...Have a beautiful weekend...~ Colleen

No biggy Colleen. I JUST learned to Skype. I find it incredible that people from all over the world can talk for free when they call Sykpe to Skype, rather than using long distance. It’s free and easy or I couldn’t do it…I still have some things to learn though. :slight_smile:

Hey Kim,

I am not sure you all want to get up at my time..Haha!

Depending on where everyone is there is a 6-12 hour time difference.. I have a daughter in Michigan which is 6 hours difference & a son in California, that one is 9 hour time difference..Just with those two trying to fit skype into our time zones has not been an easy task..

Keep me up to date with this..


I have Skype and am also in the Central Time Zone......I know how to call my grandson on Skype but beyond that I might need a lesson!!!!

Great…I’m super new at it too. We’ll practice together! Goody!! I’m in Nebraska & it’s central time. We have a Skype name. Does anyone know their’s? Hahahahahaha…this is too funny. I get some good ideas, but they’re kinda challenging. So I suck at math, if it’s 10pm my time, what time is it for you who Skype? Ok Tera. I got yours covered. :slight_smile: