Cute shoes

The girls know what i'm talking about and let's be honest - the guys know what I mean, too.

When can I wear them? I'm 5 months out (in the hospital, I was like "Wait a tig...why am I wearing tennis shoes?!?") and I'm still wearing my 2 1/2 inch loafers. I tried wearing my Sketchers on a hot day but my right shoe kept falling off. I realized it's because my right side is weak from the stroke and aneurysms and that's why, not because of the shoes.

So are you guys wearing your shoes, yet? When can I wear all my cute shoes?

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They have quite a few “cute” shoes with lower & mid heels and some great sandals. They can tide you over till you work through any balance issues and get back to your stilettos. :-). I hope you find some you like.


You know, it’s funny to me how we would’ve never thought twice about these things before… But I miss my heels & wedges! I almost started to wear wedges to church one day, then changed my mind when I stood up feeling lightheaded. I changed into flat sandals instead. Maybe build up slowly? I’m a little cautious just because I keep going through these lightheaded spells, and I just don’t want to risk falling in my pretty shoes. I bet you could even ask your doctor on some advice!

Thanks, everyone!

To Carole- maybe I will get some cute sandals! Good idea! They have a back so I should be able to wear them. I hate spending money on all this, though (I'm sorry but I hate this), but I will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

To Sue - Damn! I never thought it would be like that! Meaning surgerIES (plural), the big seizure, breaking your leg.... I know you don't wish it on your worst enemy :(. You are a long way out but I'm sorry for all that garbage you had to endure. You seem like a really cool lady!

To Robin - Exactly. I put on my regular (cuter) shoes and then I feel all lightheaded, and I decided it's not worth it to wear the nicer shoes, regardless of what I pick out. What really gets me this guy I was dating looks when he hears heels. Nice. And I used to wear those shoes! And dudes used to look at me! All in good time, all in good time, I know. And at least I'm alive, I know. But hurts!

I will ask my doctor and nurse, see what they have to say. But I can hear them right now - "Everyone is different...go at a slow pace...." I want to know! Now!

I love love shoes...I am going on 18 months since coiling and I where tennis shoes and lots of sandles...and got to wear boots this winter...then the one before ... hahahahah...~ Great post...~ Colleen

Hi Sara,

Some great shoes are in your future. Ones that you can wear now and later! :-)

Happy Shopping.


Hi Sara

LOL I mourn for my stiletto's and all my sexy heels! All I can wear now are wedge heels and flats- so unflattering.

Only wear stiletto's when I'm out with my guy and mostly sitting down.