CT scans good retiring

Hello all, I haven’t written in quite awhile. I had my 2yr CT check up on July 17 for my MCA aneurysm at New York Presbyterian. Dr. Connolly my surgeon stated that scans looked great, gave me a hug and asked if I wanted to return in 3 or 5yrs for more scans. I said 3, he laughed and stated he had already added 3yrs to his notes. It’s nice to know your physician knows you that well. On the work front I made the decision to retire. Even working 6hrs a day was to much. I have actually started out on disability, but they are aware that I am going to resign. Feeling such a sense of relief. Have started speech therapy again and for first time physical therapy, as I have a tendency to lose my balance. Yoga will be my new thing along with doing any volunteer work I can with others who have suffered injuries such as ours. Please send me places I may do this at. Will be reaching out to BAF as well live I. NY State.

So nice to hear the all clear. And that you are retiring. Sounds like you really deserve to relax and do something new. So nice of you to reach out to help others. I so miss talking with friends my speech is challenging. But I am sure learning to listen better. Good luck with the yoga!

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I’m learning how to listen more as well. Going back to speech therapy is helping. Also I’m reading a book (ever so slowly, because I also suffer some aphasia) called The Word Escapes Me: Voices of Aphasia. A gift from my daughter. You might find it helpful. Check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Stay strong :blush::+1:t5:

Orlitas, great news 3 years, wow! Congrats and happy dance for you! If the BAF doesn’t have anything, try the others, Bee Foundation, Joe Niekro Foundation, Lisa Foundation, even specific hospitals have groups. Anyone who gets your assistance will be much the better for it!

Thanks, and I will be looking into the other groups you have posted as well. I’m still doing the happy dance!

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