Ct scan

hi ya ,must go for ct scan b4 they decide wich op they will do i tought they cud see everything in mri maybe im wrong

Olive, are you having a ct scan or angiogram? Most of us have angiograms before the surgery. While the MRA will detect the annie, it doesn't show the details that they need to decide which procedure to do.

Do you know when it is scheduled?


its a ct and im wating to be called,well that is what my gp said on phone to me

Hi Olive. Thanks for the gift! There’s a couple tests they like to do. A CT Scan does not hurt…kind of like the MRI, just gives some other angles so they can be sure. They must not be overly worried about an emergency, or they wouldn’t be taking their time like this. Don’t worry. I know it’s really hard, but try not to think too far in the future. Just deal with the days one at a time as they come. I know it’s hard not knowing what’s going to happen right now. Just know that either way, which ever surgery it is…Lots of folks on here have come through it and will talk to you about it before and after.

I started doing some genealogy work last summer. Half of my family is from Ireland and half from Italy. The Irish seemed to come from two places…many from Derry, and some from Limerick. That sounds like such a happy place. Is Blarney Woolen Mills where you are? You can tell I like shopping. :slight_smile: Hang in there girlfriend. You are not alone.

hi Kim,thanx for your message yes blarney wollen mills not 2 far from me but i only been there once,the wating is hard but at least they are doing something ,i hope to get a date for my ct scan this week i dont mind going for it but i did not like the mri 2 much ,i wish i knew wat surgery they are going to do but i will have to wait and im not very good at that ha ha .it is very scary at times but i have xanax for when im really bad ,thanx again for your message.

Anything on the CAT scan yet Olive? How you feeling about everything? Been thinking of you, and trying to transmit some calm to you over the air waves! :slight_smile: Keep the faith!

Olive, I had two MRI's followed by two CAT scans with contrast. It gave the neurosurgeons I much better picture of what they where dealing with. Good luck to you.

What’s up Olive!? You get the CT scan yet?


If your having a ct scan , it could be a cta with contrast. This is a ct for the brain with contrast dye to give a clearer and more accurate picture of the brain . These tests usually follow each other. MRA (for the head) CTA (ct scan for the head) CTA with contrast ,Angiogram . Of course your DR. may do only one or all of them . Have him explain each and every procedure to you and why ,and don't stop until you understand the reason why ,and what he's looking for . Having your doctor guiding you through this and educating you to the whys and how comes can help


Hi Olive,

Will it be a CTA? My understanding is that a CTA (CT with contrast) can provide more detail than an MRI. What I was told, in response to the question I asked my doctor before my angiogram, was that a CTA is good if you want a static picture - so if they are only concerend about a single annie, they may be using the CTA instead of an angiogram.

Good luck. My prayers are with you.