CranioSacral Therapy for migraines/ anxiety after unruptured clipped annie?

Hi all! It's been a really long time since I've posted on this site, but I do occasionally pop in to read.

I have a question. Since I had my UNRUPTURED right middle cerebral (at bifurcation) annie clipped a year and a half ago I have NOT been myself at all. I have had very frequent long lasting migraines (& a headache of some sort EVERY SINGLE DAY). I get botox every 90 days for the migraines and it worked for a while but isn't working as well not. I also have had SEVERE depression and anxiety. I've even been hospitalized in a psych ward due to these issues. Prior to surgery I had an occasional migraine and have NEVER had depression or anxiety even in the worst circumstances of life.

Anyway, I now get acupuncture about once a month (was more often but I simply can not afford it more often.) I go to the chiropractor approx 2 times weekly. I am on multiple migraine and headache meds, also an antidepressant, antianxiety, and a mood stabilizer (in addition to a multitude of supplements and vitamins). Prior to surgery the ONLY med I was on daily was my birth control pill (no longer on that because I had a non hormonal iud placed in hopes that would help my headaches.)

Question is- I want to try CranioSacral Therapy. I read that it's not good to people who have had ruptured annies- but mine was not ruptured and I had absolutely NO risk factors for it. I just want to feel better. I don't want to complain and I know I'm very blessed to be alive. I'm just looking for something else to try to help. Has anyone tried CranioSacral Therapy?

Sorry this was so long. If you got to the end... thank you.

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I’d be curious to hear from people on this too, as I recently had this suggested to me, but mine ruptured.

I have done cranial sacral therapy for years… With the right person ( preferably osteopath ) it is very helpful ! I have 2 unruptured on internal carotid artery never heard it could be dangerous and it is very gentle.

Hi Cordie,

I don't know much about the therapy you speak of but I do of something called EEG Neurofeedback. This treatment has made a world of difference for my wife's migraines. She has tried many medications and other treatments but none have worked as well as EEG Neurofeedback. The best thing about it is it uses the natural energy and rythym of the brain. If you do a search on the term above you can learn more about it but I do recommend that it be done a by a trained PhD Psychologist, and it is covered by most insurance plans.

Do you happen to know why cranio sacral is not recommended for those who have had a ruptured aneurysm?

There are two kinds of Cranial Sacral Therapy being done. I call them active and passive.

Active Cranial sacral is usually done by Osteopats although their own society calls it quackery. Its an extension of Cranial osteopathy from the 50's. If you look at a skull, you will notice the cranial sutures of the temporal bones where they meet the pariaetal bones are beveled indicating articular mobility. The practitioners believe by manipulating these bones they can effect the natural flows of CS fluid and effect changes in the functioning of the brain. Needless to say for many annie trying to move bones of the skull around is NOT a good idea..

As most of us know most annie ruptures occur between 6 and 8 in the morning. That is because it takes a very small change in pressure to have a very BAD effect on an annie. Most people have their bowel movement between 6 and 8. Just that strain is enough.

For those who have had a rupture, lets be frank. there is a pretty good possibility statistically it wasn't a singular event. Same with repairs etc etc. You don't tempt fate.

The passive type as I call it occurs in alternative medicine clinics all over the place or in my 90 year old mother in laws living room. They palpatate the patient's body, and focuses intently on the communicated movements. Once the feel in tune with a patient is described called asentrainment. They will hold this position from two points attempting to effect the bodies flow Patients often report feelings of deep relaxation during and after the treatment session, and may feel light-headed. Interestingly enough it seems there IS an effect on the endocannabinoid system. the The endocannabinoid system is a group of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors in the brain that are involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain sensation mood and memory It is also what gets us "turned on" from touch during sex.

I personally have I have touched the spinal membranes during a surgical procedure and felt the pulse of the cerebral Spinal fluid. I couldn't effect the flow with my hands directly on the membrane. I doubt a group of little old ladies in my mother in laws living room can either. from the outside. BTW try as they might this group of ladies admit that most of them have never felt asentrainment. A few a very few times........ Yet they faithfully take lessons. better than playing Bridge I guess.

Touch on the other hand is a very powerful force.

So it can either be harmless when it is touch (not involving your skull) or kill you.

Cordie...mine was ruptured/leaking w/3 ER over 29 days; additionally, I was put under surgery/anesthesia to pin my right humerus fractured shoulder...w/BP @ 131/50 which was not questioned... I saw PCP 3 days after the first ER and the day before the second ER...

I did acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, activator (light touch) chiropractic...I also did vision therapy (VT)for 14 put my right pupil into place, to regain equilibrium, to reconnect my reading/comprehension...tho I am yet sooo slow on that...I at least can re-do...the VT did not examine the temporal lobe, etc...altho they surely know the interconnections to our the optic...or the related eye muscles...which are even used in determining death...

The craniosacral and acupuncture were started w/in months of discharge...the really sad does not cover it (as a rule) and annually they cover $ billions (as a rule) on the prescriptives...

Acupuncture has variants in procedure, too...a/w/a any massage...and, there is small potential of their doctoring their practice...It was my acupuncturist who refused to treat a certain part of my skull until I had a neuro update...When I booked my appointment, etc...that neuro-doc did not note the referral from an acupuncturist...and, in fact...he sent a thank you letter "for the opportunity" a doc I had never even seen..which became my formal med record....well, smile or may want to remember the term "medical management"...

Whoever you go to, research it more (for your comfort) to ask the right questions on your first visit... and, let that direct your may elect to visit more than one...we change docs, too...

I also promote yoga deep breathing...and, so recommend being so careful to not use some steps of yoga...based on whether you have had "collisions" in rehab, may not know how your lumbar spine has been hit...and/or some other place...

You know I have no expertise....tho a lot of experience...

Prayers for your best decision and results...