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"Craintomy"From BA's- is so painful and skin is stretched to tight.What Can I do?

My scar pulls alot.But I have dent in skull different from scar on front of head.A place were they drilled to start craintomy.My skin is so painful and tight.Its hard even to wipe with face. Iam 7 months out from surgery…Would be thankful for someone to give me idea’s that will help with pain and pulling.You all have been so patient with me and all my questions.Truly grateful.You guys are the best.:cherry_blossom::revolving_hearts:

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Hi Teresa,

The tightness and pulling will slowly but surely go away over time. I had that as well for the first 2 years after the crainiotomy, and it did get better. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it, but you could ask your doctor and see if he has any suggestions.

Hang in there, every day is another step in the right direction.



Sounds like the scar is still healing, ask your doctor if you can put Vitamin E oil on it. Cheapest is to just buy the liquid capsules, stick a needle in one end and use what you need

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Thank you!Sometimes need to be reminded that will get better.Very nice of you to reach out to me.Hope your doing well.One day at time.:bouquet:

Good idea I will get some.Thanks for good advice.

Have you tried opening and closing your mouth (200 times I was told) and chewing gum?


I heard of this. My surgery is next Tuesday and it’s a trick for pain that I’ve written in my book incase I forget.

**I want you to know I am saying prayers for you tonite. If have date right your having your surgery tomorrow. It is not as bad as you think would be. My brain aneurysms,clipping was better than thought. So wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Good wishes💞

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