Well, finally got my answer as to what they are going to do with this little invader in my head and the answer is to coil it! This is happening possibly towards the end of next month - haven't got a set date as of yet! Am glad that something is being done but a little nervous at the same time....... Thank heavens for all of you good people here on this site - you have kept me sane and smiling through all of this upheavel!!! so thank you to each and every one of you....... x

Hello Anna, hope you're ok.

You must be happy to know it's going to get dealt with.

We all get nervous before a procedure, don't worry that's normal.

Everything will be fine Anna

God Bless

Nikki xx

Thanks so much Nikki - at least I now know what is going on and what they are gonna do and that is good at least! Now if I could only fast forward two months all would be fine ha! If only, hey?

Thanks so much though so appreciate it,

Anna xx

It must be good to have a plan at last. Nervousness is to be expected, I think we all get it waiting for investigations or procedures. I hope you are able to enjoy the next few weeks though and all goes smoothly.


Hi Anna,

As you probably know, not having a rupture puts you way ahead of the game. You know that everyone here will help get to the procedure date and beyond. :)

Thanks Judith and Kathy,

Absolutely am lucky to be able to plan the procedure!!! Thanks for the good wishes x

You'll do grand lady :)

Best wishes with you and we are all here with you

Chris xxx

Happy for you that something is being done soon!
Nervousness is normal, keep positive!

Thoughts & prayers

Hi Anna...

Remember..."Deep breaths and step at a time"....please keep us posted on your surgery date...

Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Ah thank you Chris - You are a star xx

Thank you so much x

Thank you so much Kimberly - as am I... Thank you so much for your good wishes -

I really do appreciate them

Anna x

Hi Colleen,

Thank you so much - I will keep you all posted -

Deep breaths do most definately help.... Thanks so much for your good wishes

Anna x

hi Aine! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers for a "textbook" procedure as they say & quick recovery!!

Putting you in my prayers! Praying for a speedy recovery.

Thank you so much - really do appreciate it x