Cost of medications

As I am preparing for my endovascular coiling I realize that choosing the right medical coverage is important. If I choose a medigap policy (which does not cover eye or ear exams-I wear glasses, some kind of twisted vein in my eye, plus I have a hearing loss) I will have to purchase a part D drug coverage. Right now I take one generic med, but this will change after the surgery. If all goes well I will only need to take clopidogrel for a short period of time. However, if there is an issue, like seizures I have no idea what costs could be involved.

Maybe someone here has experience which you would be willing to share. I would select an Advantage plan, but there is little flexibility if travel is involved. Since I have an aneurysm I want to eliminate that worry if something goes wrong I will be covered if I am visiting in another state.

My parents always kept AARP to supplement their Medicare. Have you talked to your pharmacist or perhaps the local Medicare folks? One of them might be able to help


Thanks for the reply.

My husband and I could not get an appointment with a SHINE counselor, as they are all booked solid, due to open enrollment for 2016. We had to muddle through on our own. It was awful. SS lost our forms. Then they gave us only one form when we needed two. All told it took us four trips to SS-2 different offices and three trips to my former employer to get the paperwork done, before we could even deal with figuring out medigap policies and prescription D. We ended up with a Silverscripts policy, which covered the generic drugs we listed, but I have no idea how we would fare for more expensive drugs, if they are prescribed.

I feel like everything is a big crap shoot.