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Confusion over Blood Thinners


Due to a previous TIA i was put on Blood Thinners

I was on one, then changed to Clopidogrel (not sure why)

Anyway during my first Angiogram to attempt to fix an unruptured Aneurysm with flow diverting Stent, the procedure was aborted due to the Blood thinners not working. Apparently a sample was sent to the lab for testing.

The following week on the next attempt, i was given a large dose of Prasugrel pre procedure, and the Stent was inserted.

Everything seemed ok, apart from 2 days later developing 3rd nerve palsy of one eye, and then Epilepsy (awake seizures) then back in for 3rd procedure so pretty fed up as you can imagine. (Eye still misaligned)

My Neuro Consultant, wrote a letter to my GP, and myself basically saying “it’s been six month since Stent insertion,there is reason for Antiplatelet therapy now, but equally there is no contradiction either, i am not sure who can advise on that, maybe refer to a local neurologist. Whilst waiting it would be probably reasonable to continue on the Prasugrel”

During a recent unrelated illness, i was told to stop the Prasugel temporary
I don’t remember being told to continue, but had stopped approx a week.

Then to top it off i had another TIA few weeks ago, luckily lasted only a few minutes, was admitted to A&E straight away, after calling 111, then my GP

While at hospital getting checked out for the TIA (CT, doppler all ok)
The Doctor seemed really surprised that the Neuro consultant would not be convinced that i should be on Blood thinners considering my history.

Anyway, all seems a bit fishy, the eye problems, the Neuro consultant saying it was unusual to start getting awake seizures after surgery.

Maybe i’m just unlucky

What test is there for blood thinners working? I have an appointment coming up soon with stroke clinic, i am sure they can answer


There are two tests here in the States. Here’s an article


Ok thank you


I wish you the best of luck!