Hi - I am 36 year old Female, I was experiencing these strange heachaches on and off for years. Generally the headaches only came after a night of drinking. Always on the left side, behind my left eye and it felt like sinus pain. 6 months ago they started coming more often and not after drinking. On days I had them they woudl get worse as the day went on. And even lasted for days sometimes. I went to my regular Dr who treated me for a sinus infection - but i knew it wasnt that. when I still complained of the headaches i was sent to and ENT. He foudn nothing wrong with me and referred me to a neurologist.

After seeing the Neurologist it was the first time I felt like I might get relief - he sent me for a bunch of tests which included an MRI/MRA - the very next day I was called and told I had an aneurysm - possibly 2. He office made me an appt the following week with a Neurosurgeon.

I am lucky to live on Long Island and close to Stony Brook Medical Center and was scheudled to see the Head of the Crebral Vascular Dept. My first appt he was knowledgable but scary - he spoke quick. I felt comfortable that he was smart and capable and I was in good hands. But he also was too wordy and quick. I realize for him this is an everyday thing but for me it was overwhelming.

Becasue they were nto sure if I had 1 or 2 and because of my headaches I decided to get an Angiogram done to know the exacts. I have not had my follow up from that yet - going Wednesday - but he breifly told me after that I onyl have 1 and its small. Not sure f the exact size but around 3mm - and i knwo it on the left but forgot the exact medical names lol.

I know 3mm is very small. but I am so confused on what to do.


I have a good job with medical insurance - but its not a career. I work in the construction feild - so the economy has a great effect on the stability of my job. I have lost my job twice over the past 5 years and I am worried that as time goes on I may not have insurance to keep watching it. OR worse it grows and I can't fix it due to no insurance.

This makes me want to fix it know and be done. Get the black cloud of anxiety off me and feel good knowing I was proactive with this before it could rupture

BUT.....I have been reading some many stories and now I am just as scared to fix it hearing of things that can go wrong....headaches for months, mini strokes, possibly on blood thinners forever?

The way he would fix it is the pipeline embolization device - which places a wire mesh tube across the neck of the anerysm.

more back ground - i am perfectly healthy according to every test Ive taken, perfect blood pressure, dont smoke. Have no idea hwo I got this. I am on no medications expect birth control.

the dr also told me he doesnt think this is casuing my heachaches! so im frustrated - I want to fix this but afraid after I do Ill have more problems then when i started with addtional worse headaches and stuff


Im kinds in the same boat I have one its small 2.5mm I am in otherwise good health also I don't know what to do either I think living with it knowing its there and just waiting for it to rupture is going to drive me up the Damn wall haha I'm having panic attacks that wake me up in the middle of the night cuz of the nightmares that I leave my kids or become a burro. I'm a single mom of. 4 young kids and I don't know what to do either Sorry I wish I could have been more help but at least tour not alone I finally see the neurologists tomorrow.morning so I might have an idea of what to do lol Good.luck I'm here if you ever wanna chat really is such a personal decision...I will say a couple of prayers that you will know what is best for You...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Lynn, welcome...there are a number of you new ones with big decisions to go thru; there are others who have made their deciions and I hope they post for all you new ones on their results...

My personal opinion is that there are definitely symptoms long prior to diagnosis...and, we are told over and over, they are not symptoms... However, there is no profit in making a study on symptoms...and, likely no way to secure financing to support a study... it is far easier and profitable to prescribe. Remember this is my personal belief based on my experiences...

Prayers that all of you, in the initial phase of diagnoses coordinate and keep in touch and that the others who have gone thru their decisions and treatments connect with you and share their results...


Thank you so much Pat - I do believe me body has been telling me for some time that something was wrong. I am I do believe my headaches, vision problems and stuff necks are from this aneurysm. Whether those things go away will remain to be seen. I am praying that God guidesme in the right direct for my decision. And I too hope other share there decisions and experiences for me so I dont feel so overwhelmed and alone :)


I don't know if it's too late for this option, but you should find out if your employer offers short or long term disability insurance to protect your income should something happen. If you can afford to, you should also consider a private disability policy that you pay for. Although you are worried about your today situation and whether you should have surgery, you also need to be concerned about future income. By having this solved you can help reduce financial anxiety.

Hi Lynne Welcome to BAF

I had a basilar tip (verty dangerous place) coiling 8 weeks ago, was so scared of being paralysed, not able to speak etc. etc- I wasn't going to have the op and was so heartened by the support I received on this forum that I went ahead. I went to hospital alone ,was convinced it's my last day, and when I woke up, all I know was that I was FINE! I could speak , move, do everything- the docs are brilliant. Had hell of a headache, which was fixed with a morphine shot. I haven't had a headache since- touch wood! First week sensitivity to light, computer screens, went half-blind for a bit, but it came back, very tired easily, tried to drive far too soon -3 days after,rhar was wrong cos I had my mom in the car and had a semi-blackout. After that I'm good- started lecturing at a college 2 weeks ago- started a new romance, work hard, I can only pray that this continues.

I shall pray for you Lynne

All my best


Thank you for sharing Shauna - How long ago was your procedure?

Hi Lynne, it was 8 weeks ago

hi lynn,

i have read your story and feel your anxiety about the whole situation..please know that this doesnt have to be the end of your life and it also the beginning, a new beginning..i cant speak for all who have experienced this, only for myself. unfortunately you dont hear of the success stories of people being able to return a life of normalcy after an anny. i had a 5mm anny rupture back in october of 2009 and had no mental and physical deficits afterwards,,you to can have this happen..i believe its all in your attitude and support you get from the people around you in recovery..i did ALOT of praying and God def played a major role in taking away the fear and to live it in his hands to help me get better..i hope and pray that you are able to get this resolved and come out fighting like a survivor..YOU CAN DO IT! prayers coming over to you and mucho hugs..stay positive, it doesnt have to be the end of the world..dont let those stupid annys win..God is in control