Conflicting info

When I was diagnosed about a month ago my Gp referred me to hospital. They booked me within a week to see a surgeon. Then before seeing the surgeon I went to emergency who then said they wanted me to see a different surgeon but his wait time was a few months and they ordered a CT scan. I still went to my earlier appointment as I was not willing to wait that long. At my appointment surgeon booked me for an angio and said don't do CT so I rang to cancel that. Have had angio last week and today get a CT appointment in mail for June. I was expecting surgery after my appointment in early April. So now I am confused has my surgeon booked a CT after angio or is that a rebooking from my original time. I am so sad cos I was on the countdown to getting answers and that was the only thing keeping me calm and now I may have a longer wait.

Hi Fiona, I went through a similar situation. I had check with Angio on jan 31 and then they ordered an MRI. I then had my appointment with my surgeon who was also unsure of the results also because of conflicting results. So i came back home. I too stressed out & got worried what outcome was to be right. this caused tension headaches, or so I thought. While I was in hospital under pain relief they found out from the neuro surgeon team that I was to be reviewed in 6 months from then and using the same tests. Somehow I slipped through the system. So Im trying to say to you in a long way. Chase up your test results, doctors visits until you have a answer. after all its your lifeā€¦!!.

Did you see neuron for angio results first or get mri? Did you have surgery?

Just realised your from Vic, me too. What hospital do you go to?

Hi Fiona...I find from time to time others go through this confusion and not sure why? If you are uncomfortable what you are being told and/or with your surgeon, seek out a 2nd opinion...keep us posted on what is happening...Hang in there...sending some good vibes your way ~ Colleen