Concerned about lost time between communication

I am engaged to a wonderful young man. When he old me he had an aneurysm several years ago. I didn't know what that really meant. He says he is just getting back to using the computer. There have been times when we didn't for days. The last time I went to his house and got him for a very important affair. he said he thought we spoke "yesterday" it had been three days.

I am so scared. He drove to Texas last week and made it!! His dad is gravely ill. I have not spoken to him for 10 days. He does not answer the phone.Help!!


To All that read this! I just found out that he is in the hospital in Houston...Prayers needed!!

You have my prayers Lovette...please keep us posted on how he is doing? Gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

Thanks trying to get there!!