Coiling with or without stent vs. flow diversion repair

Hi everyone, just wondering if I could get some opinions of the risks involved with any of these procedures you may have had done, 'ya know bleeds or vision loss

Hi Dee....I had coils with stent...I have had no bleeds or vision loss. Had some headaches for about 3 months after surgery. Deb

Hi Dee...I read your note to me the other coils have compacted in 3 years...truthfully not sure if they ever actually were occluding my aneurysm...I also, had a parent vessel accidentally cut and that takes long to aneurysm was/is in a terrible place...I have headaches, right eye paralysis...(vision blurry in that eye)...damage to trigeminal nerve, and one of my cranial nerves...actually one of body weakier than other side...but all things I manage with and deal with and have learned to live with...exercise, yoga, eating healthy have been my passion...everyone is different and our health is all you can't always go with my case...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Gosh Colleen, you've had quite alot of damage & now do you have to get it redone if they have compacted? And, how often can we get that done? I"m aware that not everyone is the same, but likeyou I'm dealing with left side paralysis, & not sure how much I can take as I'm getting older and weaker. Have you any knowledge of this new flow diversion technique which supposedly doesn't go into the aneurysm but over top to direct the blood away from aneurysm & after sometime(different for everyone) often dissappears? I've been researching it but it scares me because the neuroradiologist said it was riskier to deploy????

Thanks & thinking of you too!