Coiling soon! Scared!

Hello everyone,

Here I am counting my days for my coiling day. It will be on dec 6. I am scared!!! Anybody can tell me pre and post procedure experienced. Please include me in your prayers. Hoping everything will turn good. I am also have high blood pressure!!!

Hi Marinelle, don’t have a story to share yet… I’m on the count down with you but I will keep you in my ever expanding prayer list! You survived this far for a reason;))

Hi Marinelle,

The procedure is not that bad. I had onyx put in my annie, not a candidate for coiling, but, both use the femoral artery to fix. Unless you are having a crainiotomy..I spent one night in ICU and then released. I had a pretty bad headache when I got home, but, that was the worst of it all.

I will keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery and recovery.



Hi Karen, always a question! Why were you nit a candidate for coiling? Why did they did they decide to use onyx? How are you feeling? Okay 3 questions! Thanks have a great day!Heather

Hi is normal to be scared and nervous...hope they gave you something to get rest and stay calm until your procedure...if not ... ask... I wrote my story on the front page...for others to read...

You definitely have my prayers...Colleen


My annie was wide necked and my neurosurgeon did not think that coiling and stent were a good idea. He recommended the onyx or clipping. I considered the clipping because it's permanent, but, it really scared me and I had vasospasms during an angiogram, so, I did not feel comfortable with the clipping.

I felt great 4 weeks after the procedure, no headaches, energy was good, then I returned to work, worked waaayyy to many hours and developed headaches and extreme fatigue. I returned to leave of absence on 11/03 due to migraines and fatigue. I just saw a neurologist and he thinks my migraines are being caused by vasospasms. I think that if I had not pushed myself so hard when I returned to work that I would be a lot better than I am now. Lesson learned...I'm not superwoman!! lol....

I have my 6 month angio on 12/07..ready to get this done and find out if the onyx is working.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for the answers Karen! You are just a different kind of superwoman- that’s all;) happy thanksgiving