Coiling soon! Scared!

Hello everyone,

Here I am counting my days for my coiling day. It will be on dec 6. I am scared!!! Anybody can tell me pre and post procedure experienced. Please include me in your prayers. Hoping everything will turn good. I am also have high blood pressure!!!

HI I am dee. Had coiling done after a SAH on July5,2009,

I have high blood pressure as well. I dont really have any memory of the actual surgery but do of the last 3 weeks in the rehabilitation and how important keeping the blood pressure down was ....

I had a very bad reaction to the Dilaudid they were giving me for the headaches I was having afterwards.

Some things are different for each person.....Dont be now have a someone who has been there done that ok.... add me as a friend , and I will help you walk you threw it !