Coiling isn't filling the annie

I had an MRA and he said the coiling isn't filling the annie. It previously ruptured in October, 2011 and was coiled. He said if he added more coiling it could come out and cause a stroke. He mentioning shents above and below, but that he said was problematic. So I wait to see if it grows, stays the same, hopefully not blows in the meantime. Not sure I have remem

bered this all correctly.

Hi Mary Jo,

where is your annie located and what makes it problematic?


anterior communicating artery. I can't remember what the shenting problem is / was! The space not filled is small, about 2 to 2.5 mm. That small size seems to hinder the possibility of additional coiling to stay in. I thought I would remember all this

Mart Jo. I had a similar issue and my Dr used the liquid onyx

I think the shenting was too complicated for the size it is now - wait and see seemed to be the best (info slowly returning!)

I should have asked how this came to be - was it that way from the start, or does it compact in a bit as it goes.

What Does the Doctor suggest to be the next plan of action Mary Jo...???

I hate all of this for you...Gotcha in my prayers...Colleen

He told me options and asked what I wanted to do. Adding more coil seemed risky as it could come out, cause a stroke. Putting shents above and below was complicated - and since the opening is small, 2.5mm, this option may be too complicated, and wait and see might be the best - another MRA in 6 mo.

I hear coils stay in place. I wonder whay reason(s) was the annie not filled to begin with; or did it grow since then, or did the coils compact, or what? Maybe I should e mail him with these questions.

YOU are in my prayers, Colleen. I hope you hear,or have heard what is going on with problems since PT - you seem to be such a wonderful person and support to all here - MJ

Any idea how the annie wasn't filled the first time?

hi mary jo,

i had my 5mm anny rupture in the basilar tip artery in oct 2009 .at my 6 mo angio there was a 2mm pooch coming out of the coiled area. the surgeon said to watch n wait which i trusted n him to i just went back a week ago for mra ..the 2mm pooch is still change..i was told 1% chance of it causing any the grace of God hes kept me dr mentioned doing a pipeline stent if the pesky pooch grows or changes n the future, but for now im great...hope this n prayers..michelle

Thanks Michelle it does. The watch and wait sounded good when he told me, just been getting myself worked up over since! Any idea how the 2mm got there?

Hi, Mary Jo - I am rather new to this myself - I had coiling and stent on Oct.24. I find that I need to take someone with me to remember everything when I go see my dr.

Before I left the NICU, they did an MRA to check on both the coiling and the stent. From what I understood, I thought that clots were supposed to interact with the coils to close up the annie. I have another angiogram February 7 to check it again and see if I can discontinue Plavix.

Do you feel comfortable with your doctor? How would you feel about getting a 2nd opinion? These annie's just don't always behave like they should, do they?

You take care, now


he didnt really explain but im guessing it just stuck itself out there during the coiling...theres no blood going to it..its just hanging

I'm trying to recall. He pointed it out on the computer - results of MRA. As I recall the extra pouch was a darkened area, and blood I think shows up white.

Anyway, it does feel good reading that this not out of the ordinary! Thanks