Coiled un ruptures Annie’s

Hi survivors and dear friends
I have two questions
I have two coiled Annie’s one 7mm back 2/2014
Recently had another Annie’s grew on the same next to the old one it was coiled on 4/11/2019
1st question is : Can coiled Annie’s rupture ?
2nd question is : am I going to continue to grow more Annie’s cause I did not have the clipped ?

Nettie123, I’ve tried researching your question and found no definitive answer.

The coils can compact which indicates they are no longer fully occluded. In my case, the neck keeps opening up which is why I’ve been coiled three times.

I don’t think the development of new aneurysms are because the original wasn’t clipped, but again, I don’t know. Five years out and I haven’t developed any new aneurysms. I wonder if the artery wall is just weak?

I wish you the best of luck!