Coil(s) moved? Repaired ruptured aneurysm growing again? Treatment options?

Following is my story. My September 2012 MRI showed the coil repaired ruptured aneurysm appears to be bulging a bit, again. That a coil or coils moved, which can happen... Another angioplasty- insert more coils has been recommended. The good news is the other unruptured aneurysm on my brain stem doesn't appear to have grown. I want a 2nd + opinions, since I reacted badly to the follow-up angiogram, my confidence in that doctor is shaken, and I wonder if I am under warranty with the 1st doctor- ha ha! Have any of you had to go through this?

On 2-28-11 evening, severe pain when blood vessel erupted on the left side of my head, brain. The pain traveled up the left side of my head and scared me, as I have had smell induced migraine headaches, and this was way worse- the worst head pain I've ever had. I layed down and became extremely light sensitive and started throwing up. My boyfriend realized something was really wrong, I told him i was scared I was having a stroke or something. He took me to a hospital and I started getting emergency care within a couple of hours. He had to insist to the admitting nurse that it wasn't just a migraine & I needed immediate attention, not a number ticket to wait in line. She called security and a doctor came by the same time & we got the doctor's attention. I was lying on the floor under the pay phones, covering my eyes, refusing to go to the 'light', not wanting to die. I was ornery and didn't want to move my arm covering my eyes, even for the doctor. I woke up 4 days later. The first doctor slowed my circulation, put me into a controlled coma, and flew me to another island where a doctors were available to treat me. It wasn't until the next afternoon that a neuroradiologist placed coils in the aneurysm. I wonder about the wait, but am predicted to have 100 percent recovery(eventually?). They also found a little less than 2cm-mm? aneurysm on the back of my brain. The year prior I did have moments of not feeling right, spacey, low energy, that I wonder were symptoms? But they passed and seemed vague. I was a smoker, was not aware of the smoking-aneurysm connection, especially for females. I forgot to mention I smoked my last cigarette when the aneurysm erupted. I am still chewing the nicotine gum. So I didn't have any vasospams, I passed the physical and occupational tests. Not so good on the memory tests, although my memory abilities are getting better and better. My foggy brain, low energy, needing lots of sleep, have been the hardest, long term effects to recover from. Was doing well and an angiogram in October seemed to set me back, felt the foggy brain and tiredness for weeks after. I really don't want to go through it again. Wonder if the dye or something bothered me? There is still a small blood spot by the coils, i was told that was normal, and unruptured aneurysm hasn't grown, so doing well and get checked in a year. I have also noticed my left eyesight is more strained than my right, I have used reader glasses for a decade. Told there was pressure on the optic nerve and it may resolve? Also found out I am the 5th person on my dad's side of the family to have an aneurysm, 1 other brain, the other 3 heart, distant family members, so a genetic predisposition I was not aware of. And I'm the only survivor. If you saw me or talked to me, you would have no idea. So I feel guilty that I survived and am supposed to recover fully, other people suffer and are disabled much more, and I still struggle with frustration, depression, and exhaustion. I do not take any medication other than some tylenol for slight headaches or muscle pains, and some vitamins and herbs. Doctors really wouldn't comment on the vitamins and herbs, so I had to do my own research, make sure not to take things that will thin my already thin blood or raise my good now- (it had been increasing to concern over the last couple years, thought it was just the smoking) blood pressure. I have also always bruised easily, so think I have thin veins too. Anyway, I did start taking st. Johns wort in January, have in the past for seasonal depression, and it seems to really be helping. My brain finally feels clearer- not so cloudy and foggy, my memory too. And my energy level is better, sleeping more regular hours. I also started doing yoga again. I am tyring to accept if I do have limitations, have to do things differently, I am blessed and grateful to still be here. Sorry I've gone on and on, when I really just wanted to share how the st johns wort has helped me, and to connect with others who going through this too.

Karri sorry, that you had to go thur this and I will be praying for you. If you need to ever go to ER again, call 911 and take someone with you that has a big mouth. They try to tell my fanily that I was there because of my heart, and my big mouth daugther and grand-daugther said no, she has a head ache, do something an hour later they were flying me to a hospital 45 miles away with 2 rupted Aneurysm, I'm at About 90 % have lost of energy. Its been 26 months.

I wish you the best, it all takes time. try to not overdo.