Coil Embolization Tomorrow--Question

My coil embolization is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. I have a couple of questions. First, they are planning to use general anesthesia, and I have a bad cold/cough, is it safe to do while sick or should it be postponed? Secondly, they said to plan on staying overnight in ICU and going home the next day, did anyone else really get to go home the next day? Lastly, what can I expect to feel like after the coils are in? I never really have headaches, but I am afraid that from I have read headaches are to be expected after the procedure. How long should I expect to have headaches or other side effects and what other side effects should I be aware of? I am getting a little scared, can you tell?

I am still not sure that this is going to solve my problems of dizziness, gait disturbance, fatigue, and "brain fog" because I don't know which problems are from the aneurysm and which are from lupus.

First, I think you need to call your Neurosurgeons office and tell the nurse you are sick with a cold and what do they is important for them to make that finally decision...Not sure how long you will be in NICU...I was in NICU after my coiling embolization for 10 days and then 2 days in regular step down room...everyone is different...I asked my neurosurgeons what side effects after coiling and they told me I may have bad headaches for about 6 months...Lastly, it is reasonable to be scared...I hope you can take something in order to relax today...but please call and verify that surgery ok with a cold...gotcha in my thoughts and prayers ~ colleen

Yeah, if you've got a bad cold/cough right now..I can't imagine your Neurosurgoen wanting to proceed at this time.... your immunity is already on the down-side right now, and going in for this procedure I'd think you should be feeling strong. Get well ! Peace, Janet

Dear Miracle...prayers for your decisions...and, results... based on the feedback you get from your doc/nurse...

Colleen and others have said it all so well... Please keep us informed...


Thanks for the advice and prayers. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

You have my prayers for today...I am assuming you went in for the well...~ God Bless ~ Colleen

Everything went great. They gave me a breathing treatment before I went in and the anesthesiologist said with the tube down your throat she could give treatments during the surgery. Not sure if she had to or not, but everyone said I did great. Spent the night in ICU, sent to the stoke unit around 4pm today, then discharged around 6:30pm tonight. I have a bit or a sore throat and am a bit stiff and sore, but NO headache...I hope I did not jinx myself by saying that, but I feel better than I thought I would. Much easier than my abdominal hysterectomy when I could not even move without pain for a couple of weeks. So, I am just going to get a lot of sleep and rest for the next couple of days and hope things stay as good as they are now.

This is great rest and heal...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen