I was just wondering for those who got clipped like myself do youfeel the clip or any metal ? Iam gonna be 2 yrs out and i think im feeling the metal in my head. I had a ct in feb and the surgeon wasnt concerned so thats my only solution, im starting to feel it.


What are some of the sensations you feel?

i feel the side where they enter at the muscle on the side of my head stiff as a board and sometimes i cant look up my eye brow hurts. And i also feel like little zaps or something but everytime i go to the dr its nothing.I was cut like 3/4 of my forehead to the lower right ear lobe .And im still picking scabs out of my head almost 2 yrs out.


You may be feeling the screws used to repair the cranial bone flap. As the thin muscles contract whenever you wince, you can sense something under the muscles. With respect to the zaps, it is possible for the titanium screws to conduct static electricity simply because it is a metal. And as you may know, when ever a grounding situation occurs, electrical zaps occur. Many Doctor dismiss this because they have so little training in electro-magnetic fields and its effects on the human body. At the present time, there are no treatments to correct this situation. The only solution if it becomes really annoying is to use a grounding wire used to control static electrical zaps around computers. Hope this helps you.

thank you