Clipping risk %

I’m wondering what risk % you’ve been given for clipping. The surgeon I saw yesterday said less than 1% for risk of stroke, paralysis or death. Said under 5% for temporary blindness I was really shocked to hear the under 1%. I thought it was probably higher than that (although still low). So I’m wondering what others of you have heard. This is pertaining to an unruptured aneurysm.
Many thanks!
Karen :slight_smile:

Hello Karen!

In my first clipping for an unruptured annie, I was told the risks were an overall % 2 for something to go amiss, which included losing my vision...I don't even know if I bothered asking about risks/percentages in my 2nd clipping...what freaked me out the most in my case was the coil--in 2006 the risk of the coil compacting and thus needing more coils added was at % 25 ! Thats akin to 4 people skydiving and one of those parachutes failing to open, thats the way I see it at least (lucky me, I was within that %25 group) and instead of having more coils added I went with a clipping as the permanent fix sure appeals to me much more so then waiting for the next shoe to drop. Best of luck to you , none of this is easy, I know! Janet