Clipping for Blobbo

I went and had a 2nd opinion Re,: Blobbo. He was pretty close to doc 1, but the difference is he said from my episodes it sounds like I have been having leaking. He said we could watch or clip it. He said hsd I not told him about my ER episodes and thunderclap he would have leaned more towards watch. But it has grown a bit and with possible leaks removing it maybe better.
So when school is out ( I’m a teacher) I am going have it clipped. I cannot believe how people react sometimes,
My sister said,”well no summer for you,”
Empathy? No.
Can someone give me any info on clipping?

Can’t help with the craniotomy procedures, mine have all been endovascular procedures. Have you searched on this site? Some are a bit older and I imagine the surgeons might be doing things a little differently but unsure. Is there a reason the surgeon is suggesting clipping rather than coiling?

Ignore your sister, it’s what I do with mine as she’s a nitwit. You will still have a Summer and it will be glorious. Before you know it, you’ll be hiking Mt. Rainier and kayaking Lakes to Locks trail!

Thank you very much. The reason that it has to be clipped is because it is in a tricky spot. It is a perial colossal aneurysm and they are not as common as other aneurysms. he is the second neurosurgeon that I have consulted. Although I don’t think he has necessarily the best bedside manner, he does seem to know his stuff. He was able to bring up my scans and show me the difference between one scan and another period he showed me where the blood flow was and then he did a prediction of risks for not having it and having it. The one thing that pushed me towards surgery was he feels like I’ve had a couple of leaks from this thing period I had an episode last summer where I had to be taken to the emergency room from the casino because I got sick and threw up all over the place, which I never do, had a severe headache couldn’t hear couldn’t walk and so he said that sounds very much like a leak. So, when school gets out I am going to go have surgery. He said it takes about a month or so to get yourself up and you know really moving again which is fine period since I won’t be working then I can rest.

Nobody wants to have somebody crash into your brain. However, I’m sure like most people on this site, walking around with it inside of your head with potential leakage happening, is not exactly reassuring. Though, it scares the crap out of me I just think that in the long run it’s better for me to have it taken care of. I found it in 2018 and between 2018 and 2022 it has grown a bit. That tells me that it needs to be dealt with.

And yes, I will ignore my sister, usually try to anyway. Haha. If you’re not a person who has not had a brain aneurysm then you cannot fully understand the scope of it. It always surprises me, although it should not, how people are so casual about it and flippant. Like oh big deal you’re gonna have your head ripped open. It’s discouraging.

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@trust_level_0 I just watched a YouTube video on clipping this type of aneurysm. It was done in Norway, no words just the video from 2017. My first thought was dang, how small are those clips? As I continued to watch I thought well that explains a lot. There’s an area I think that the neurotransmitters must find a new route due to the method used. I think you’re doing the smart thing.

Doctors with poor bedside manners are using a self preservation technique (coping mechanism) I believe. Either that or they didn’t have good people skills to begin with. As a teacher, you have to have good people skills to connect with your students. It’s helpful for surgeons but they do need to protect their psyche and that I can relate to having dealt with child fatalities in my career. It’s extremely difficult to retain good people skills while protecting yourself from loss. I think most just put it in a container and stick it on a shelf so they don’t have to deal with it in the moment and then it gets dusty but it’s still there. I’m having a difficult time explaining, I do apologize. Since I ruptured, I have no problem calling out a doctor on their people skills and it can be quite hilarious seeing their expression as they don’t realize what they’re doing.

When I ruptured, I had never heard of cerebral aneurysms. People have heard about ischemic strokes, concussions and TBI’s so they just put aneurysms in that category perhaps. Early on, I would explain it as a garden hose left out in the sun and it creates a bubble then the bubble pops with water going everywhere. I had a difficult time getting my family members to understand the difference between having a brain aneurysm and one that has ruptured, I finally gave up. There’s not much we can do when people want to remain ignorant, especially family. Maybe it’s their way of coping…

However, here, we all get it. We are all in the same boat on the same river so whenever you need an understanding ear, come talk to us!



Sometimes you just have to switch off what others say trust me I know.

My Annie was back in 2013 7mm left MCA.


Hi @Abbycat70 ! I feel like you and I are in a similar boat and probably going through a lot of the same emotions. My aneurysm is not leaking (which sounds absolutely terrifying) but I do have a clipping scheduled for Jan 24.

My journey has been life changing, scary, eye opening…and it’s only been 6 months since I found mine. I can’t imagine how strong you must have become for knowing about this and enduring thunderclap headaches since 2018!! I applaud you!!

Some doctors told me to not do surgery, some told me to do surgery. I had one doctor who basically said I was wasting his time. I think that if you found someone you trust that’s the most important thing. Doing surgery was an unpopular choice amongst the doctors I saw, but ultimately the person I’m going with has more experience and has really taken her time with me. As she put it “you’re at the lowest risk you will ever be in your life right now”. That really resonated with me and made me feel at peace with the decision.

I am having daily ups and downs, very anxious of what lies ahead. Having someone crack open your skull is not exactly a normal thing to contemplate. :rofl: I agree, find the people in your life who will listen and be empathetic. It’s so important! And your summer isn’t over…it’s a new beginning! A beginning of a life that you don’t have to worry about a little bomb exploding in your head! Good luck on your surgery!


Thank you for sending. Glad to know you are ok! :two_hearts:

Happy Holidays everyone! I had a CAT scan with contrast on September of 2021. No angiogram thankfully. Due to COVID I was not able to have an in person visit with my neurosurgeon. He viewed the CD and said I was ok, I guess I have to trust him. He has the bed bed manners. I’m just no physically the same due to other surgeries. Major nose reconstruction on April of 2021 and just recuperating from dual Carpal Syndrome. Starting physical PT on December 29, trying to recuperate muscle tone. The groin pain does not go away, I feel 3 angiograms have something to do with it. I have had some head aches, and I’m planning making an appointment with Neurologist in January. This coming Monday, 19 is the 3 years anniversary of the aneurism consult with Georgetown neurologist. Time flew! Still working planning to retire this Summer.
I will keep you all posted!

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I too, had intense 24/7 acute headache that went on for a week before I could get in to see my doctor. I told him about my dad dying from a ruptured brain aneurysm in 1982. He got me in for a scan and referred me to a wonderful neurosurgeon in Victoria BC, Dr. Ian Fleetwood. He told me I had a 7 mm aneurysm on my right pericallosal artery and had the option to coil or clip but recommended the clip. Had the surgery within 10 days. Recovery was fine. The incision, plates and screws are all just past my hairline on my forehead so thankfully can’t see the crater. I lost feeling on my head for about 6 months until all the nerves healed. He told me he was quite surprised to discover there was no leak which might have explained the acute headache. But he was absolutely wonderful. Within 8 weeks, I did a gradual return to work but had to do modified duties as I couldn’t do shorthand anymore for minutes in a meeting. I still have another short broad-necked aneurysm they are monitoring. Best wishes to you for a successful surgery.

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You’re back!:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Well, I’m just so glad you are ok!:two_hearts:

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I had a clipping done June 2021. I was perfectly fine no therapy in the hospital for two days. Driving in two weeks but now when you’re later I am so so tired all the time and my head constantly hurts. The doctor says it’s not from the surgery but I definitely believe it is surgery wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

It is terrifying to think of them playing with your brain but I am tired of worrying about this little time bomb. I just need to roll the dice.

You know I’m a bit off…but I laughed at “to think of them playing with your brain“. I am going to tell Ms. Ryann next year that I hope Dr. Q-W has gone on to other playgrounds…if I can remember!

But seriously, I think the terrifying bit is because of the unknown and brain surgery does have a lot of unknowns. I think you’re focusing on a positive and it’s a really good positive. I admire you because you’re not allowing fear and anxiety to trap you, a lesson we can all learn!

I say bleeding stroke when they don’t understand. I had mine in 98 and use to have regular angiogram until dr said I am not going back in I do have another but he packed it in cotton so I figure why bother

Great way to describe a rupture!

I think it would be great if we could hear other stories of leaking aneurysms, either on this blog or elsewhere. I have a feeling mine was leaking for a long time. I didn’t have headaches so much as intense neck pain. I think what happened (I don’t have any proof), but I think what happened was that over time it clotted over and I stopped being in so much pain. My aneurysm was an odd shape, like a testicle or an octopus head. In some ways, its hard to imagine that such a shape NOT leaking.

You may want to start a topic on leaking aneurysms Charles…

I hope that your surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Abbycat70 - I had my ruptured aneurysm clipped in Nov. 2018. Let me know what you need to know.