Clip or stent?

im wondering how many out there with an unruptured annie and were given a choice between stent or clipp and chose clipp, why did you choose clipp over stent and how are you now? satisfied with your decision?

Hi, When my unruptured annie was diagnosed, I was told that both clipping and coiling were available. Finally, my neurosurgeon decided that coiling was the best course of action for me. On Dec. 5, I had the coiling/stent treatment. It was a four hour procedure. I spent the night in the neurosurgery observation unit and was out of the hospital the next day. I am on plavix and baby aspirin. There are at least 3 follow up appointments, 2 with an MRI. I am satisfied with my decision. The recovery time is much shorter for the coiling/stent procedure and I was told that the coiling/stent procedure is the preferred treatment when it can be done. (I ended up having 21 coils and 2 stents.) I am on plavix and baby aspirin because of the stents… and will likely be on them for 6 months. Your doctor may recommend one procedure over the other due to considerations such as general health and age. I am 74 and I have some other health issues. Hoping all goes well with whatever decision you and your doctor arrive at. Ida

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Thank you very much for your concise and informative information on your choice,I really appreciate it! Best of luck to you!!

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Best of luck to you as well. I know hard it is when you are given both options.