Chef Charlie Trotter died today, possibly brain aneurysm

One of my favorite chefs, Charlie Trotter, died today.

As soon as I read it on Twitter, I just knew it was a brain aneurysm. It happened at home, in the mid-morning. I had no hard info, just a hunch. I shared my suspicion with a friend, and she thought I was jumping to conclusions.

Sure enough, late tonight, an article came out that indicates he had an inoperable brain aneurysm. So terribly sad.:,0,2001797,full.story

Chef Mario Batali also had brain aneurysm surgery. You can read about it on page 5 of this newsletter:

I didn't know him...but thank you for sharing with us...Brain aneurysm's donot know any economic and/or social can go after anyone...~ Colleen