Caregiving and recovery strategies

Interesting Radio show (from Philadelphia) also on the internet for stroke and brain injury patients and their caregivers. It talks about using the power of intuition to help in the recovery process. The Medical View...East Meets West show features a breast surgeon, Dr. Beth DuPree (the host), and a psychologist, Susan Apollon.

They discuss some intriguing and unique ideas. If you go to you can just click on the 7/3 show. Also the 5/29 show includes an interview with my caregiver, Madonna Siles, and neurosurgeon Dr. Mark McLaughlin. That show is titled “Stroke (aneurysm) and Brain Injury Caregiving.”

I recently finished Madonna’s book, Eureka, and it was so encouraging and helpful. I will be getting the first book Brain, Heal Thyself. When my husband of 33 years had a ruptured basilar tip aneurysm, air flight to Houston’s St. Luke’s hospital, followed by a month of coma, surgery and all the other icu problems and infections that go with it, and return to our hometown LTAC — I needed to understand and needed a plan of action. I turned to Amazon’s books and found Eureka and several others. I read the others, but they discouraged and frustrated me. Eureka made sense. Madonna explained things so clearly, with compassion and humor and I feel enabled to do what is before me to help my husband recover knowing it is providing the opportunities and patience to let his brain heal. I am anxious to listen to the radio program (downloaded!) and read the other book. Thank you Eve for your post and I’m so proud of you and Madonna! Lord bless you!

Hi Linda--

Hope you don't mind me replying for Eve. She's gone to bed. Glad to hear the books helped you deal with the discouragement and frustration. Brain caregiving requires a lot of patience--and I really had to work at practicing relaxation daily in the beginning. Three deep breaths helped diffuse my frustration and that feeling of powerlessness and no control. There's a relaxation audio thingie on my web site. Just click and listen. Sounds like you are doing really good so far--keep on keeping on--but do it one day at a time. (At least, that's what worked for me)

Meanwhile you can always e-mail me -- and I'll try to help if I can ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■