Caregiver to a 32 year old brain aneurysm and stroke survivor

I am a friend and caregiver of a woman who this month had both of these. She's doing well!! She's been home since Saturday (today being Thursday) and is doing so much better since being off the steroids and in a more relaxed environment. I am 25 years old and live in her and her husband's cottage on the property and due to the universe timing everything perfectly, I bonded with the family (including their 2 1/2 yr old daughter) enough to decide when this all happened that I would be the main caregiver for the family. I watch the baby 24/7, and now that Lisa is home I am full-time watching her as well. I have her on a strict schedule of meds (doctor's orders) and am doing my best to get her to eat. She has no appetite, but is recovering rapidly in my opinion. She is getting stir crazy and wanting to go shopping, have a glass of wine with dinner, go to Goodwill, etc. It's hard for her to understand that today isn't the day for that, and we don't know about tomorrow yet. Any experiences with this would be helpful and insightful.

And when is ok for her to continue normally? The nurse at the hospital said we need to guide her into a normal lifestyle to help her recover more quickly, but what does that mean exactly?




If you can help guide the family, you should have the Doctor prescribe Neurological physical therapy care and arrange for a Neuropsychology exam so everyone knows what her capabilities and deficiets could be.