Caratoid artery


Had a baslir tip coiling Nov. 2011. Am having carotid surgery so very anxious.............has any one else had this done?? any after effects??? as you can imagine the last few years have been a roller coaster....................and I'm just beginning to feel like I am beginning to cope.............don't want to take a U want to know what to expect??

Had my left carotid artery clipped twice - once in 1991 and a new Annie in the same area plus a fusion annie both clipped in 2012. I’m so glad to still be alive & kicking! The first clipping had no complications, but I lost about 70% of the vision in my left eye after the surgery in 2012. The new carotid clipping could not completely resolve the Annie since it crossed over into another artery, so I still have a small aneurysm. Have a total of 10 clips in my brain & am not doing anything about the small annie that remains. It could possibly be coiled, but there’s a chance I could lose total vision in my left eye (very, very close to the optic nerve). I am very grateful for what the doctors have been able to do for me, and I’m 62 years old! I worked until 2012 at which time, I retired. Am doing very well, & have totally adjusted to my vision loss & accepted that I still have a small annie. Best of luck to you as you move forward. The doctor’s are amazing, and life is so precious! Don’t be afraid… God will watch over you!

I don't want to scare u cuz evey situation is different and there are highly skilled doctors. But my husband's interventional radiologist messed up husband had a 25mm ani on the basilar artery. He bled during the procedure and had a massive stroke. He is now paralyzed with severe respiratory problems. well u survived the coiling . May I know which hospital u had at ? good luck

Yes, stent and coils in my right carotid up in the circle of willis. They didn’t want to do clipping as it could be loss of vision and/or hearing. The stent and coils were put in via the femoral artery in my right groin…up through my heart and on up. I had the best doctor/team through the U of Buffalo…Dr. Hopkins. You just go in, placing all your trust in them…knowing just what to do. The worst part was that I bled from the femoral site afterward. If I’d known this in advance, I’d have asked them to be more vigilant. A follow up doing an arterialgram…I was closed up using the European method’…whatever that is…was a good pinch and they said I was all closed up…no problem, no worries. Am fine. This was 10 years ago… Still going strong. I wish you all the best. Am sure, no matter what procedure they are planning, that things have improved over the years. I hope I haven’t frightened you even more. The disabling fear beforehand is the worst part of it. Just take it easy afterward, rest…yes, you get very tired… You have been through so much already, I do wish you the best with this. Keep us posted.

Thank you so much for your insight and best wishes. I live in the Toronto area and have met the surgeon and he was great to talk to.................guess I am incredibly freaked about having a stroke..................ate a whole pack of crackers and crème cheese thinking about it, guess it could have been worse........chocolate cake.................

Merry Christmas to everyone

Hi Margo, where are you having the procedure? I just had surgery at Western and they were the best-

I am having it at Toronto General, Dr. Forbes

My left carotid artery was 70% plugged, so a week after my brain aneurysm rupture surgery, I had the carotid artery operation.

I had NO problems with it, thank God. I'm sure it was a dangerous operation, as was my brain surgery. It does leave a scar that looks like someone slit your throat. But, it was worth it. I can't seem to keep my cholesterol down enough.

Good luck. Do not worry. I'm sure you have a great neurosurgeon!


I had mine done at the same time they did my clipping. All went well. Only thing is the long scat on my neck that people always comment on. Not like the brain surgery scar that is now covered by hair agqin. And thee scar on my leg where the pulled the vein from to use

There are some great doctors out there who knows what to do if u are lucky to find one u are fine … But d interventional radiologist who worked on my husband messed him up … He is now wheelchair bound out lives turned upside down fir d worse …

Maybe a plastic surgeon could help you with these scars…also, buy some pretty silk scarves… Turtlenecks, if they don’t bother you… And maybe scar cream would help…

Right internal carotid artery clipped in 2010. Surgery was a breeze, did have vision issues after, and have corrective lenses for double vision. Developed migraines as so many do after surgery, they are under control now.

I found this site after the surgery, it would have been so much better to know all of this stuff ahead of time and have the support.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Blessings coming your way.


I had an aneurysm in my left carotid artery in August of 2011, they did a stent and coil in Buffalo done by Dr. Elad Levy. I love him, but did have a few issues. Right after surgery I developed this terrible pain in the left side of my head that they could not get to go away. They sent me to neurologist, tested for ms as well as some other auto immune diseases. This pain was constant for at least 6 months post op. It has since let up some. I still have the pain once in a while and it lasts a few days at a time. I have had a history of migraines, so they kept telling me that's what it was, even though it was a pain I had never felt before until that surgery. Still to this day they can't explain it. When I get bad headaches, I develop numbness in my left hand, feet and my lips and end up in the ER until it goes away. I also had a terrible time with the closure device they used to close off the artery in my groin. I had a bruise the size of a soccer ball for months after my surgery. The good news is I am still here!!! I was 30 years old when it happened, and had two little ones at home! I thank God every single day that I am still here for them, and ended up having my third child a year after, with no complications! I have a strong family history of brain aneurysms which scares me everyday, my mother and maternal grandmother, as well as my paternal grandfather all had them as well. Good luck with your surgery and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!