Can't sleep, feel scatter brain

I am 2 weeks post op for SAH & ruptured berry aneurysm basilar tip. I had the nerouform Ez stent 4mm x 20mm and 6 coils. I have not been able to sleep for 2 days now, I feel as though I can’t shut my brain off (I kind of feel like I am loosing my mind). Is this normal or is it just me?

You need to contact your doctor ASAP, because optimum sleep is vital for optimum healing.

I agree wholeheartedly with Campanile! You are probably looking at 4:30 pm now, have you called your doctor. Sleep is vital for healing and other brain functions.

Jonquil, I can only share my experience with you. For a few weeks after my surgery I would be up all night. When I did go to bed I could not sleep. Then once I realized that it was because I was afraid that I would not wake up I started sleeping better. No matter what you are feeling, you are not losing your mind. You are very early in your recovery. Please have patience with yourself. Carol

I think you should contact your Doctor, but stay calm....not sure if you are just thinking and can't shut off your brain and that happends...and our lifes problems and things to do are always there so take the time to heal and don't worry what does not get done. Talking about this things do help . So I had this problem I tried to turn on the radio to music and I went to bed around 6pm or 7 till I woke...I was able to go to bed at my normal time around 10pm and sleep. I turn on the radio once in a while. It seems to help with that racing mind. Good Luck to you.

Thank you all I did contact my doctor and he told me to try melatonin tonight if it does not work I need to go to his office tomorrow and he will prescribe me either an anxiety med or a low dose sleep aid.

Your circadian rhythm might be off. When my sleep was erratic I found that I had to create a bed time ritual, specifically “sleep hygiene”: no TV too late, a sleep mask, lavender in my pillow, no constricting clothing, a humidifier. I had to get enough light during the day or I would be up all night.

Sending you healing, my brain was crazy fast thinking in icu due to prednisone, anxiety meds slowed it down, I’d thought if things and figured out my marriage, etc then forgot all of this the following day, be well, Anafa ellie

Jonquil, hope the melatonin worked for you, I know it helps my mom. I like a nice decaf chamomile tea before going to bed. I think all the members have posted wonderful advice. I slept all the time when I got home, had no thoughts or no awareness of them. I had to work at getting sleep only at night.

I have the same problem. I have my surgery done at Stanford...on Febraury 11. I was having hard time fall sleep... but the doctor told me it was due to the medication which they called tapering decadron medication. It was a 14 days medication. So I guess, you're not alone and so do I. Thank you for sharing.