Can we please get a list of what can be posted here or not?

I just placed some info on here on Cranial Sacral and some one named Jim deleted saying it needs to be approved. I didn't know that, I thought this site was for us and information that we can read on. I'm a little ticked of to say the least and may just leave this group.

Hi Sandra ... I am a Moderator and so is Jim...I am so sorry that this happened...and didn't see your post ... Please do not leave...the things that need approval are "video's" and "groups"...if there is more .. I will find out and let you know...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, I understand. As a therapist, that's what I do. So automatically when into that mode of getting info to people that I feel could use it, what they do with it is completely up to them.


What is Cranial Sacral? I hope that it was just suspended to check out the information. I know that they are careful to not have information that is not related to what we go through posted. But sounds like this is and that it will most likely be put back on.

~ Carol

Hey Sandra--Don't go !

You have given me boatloads of information on the Cranial Sacral and it is something that is definately something to be aware of given the world that all of us here now live in (Annie Land, World of Annie's, whatever you might call it) -- and I'm sure others agree that it is information that all of us seek--Jim's just being a good Moderator--sometimes too good? (Just kidding Jim-Lol)--but really , stick around ! Peace, Janet

Thanks Janet for your kind words. I know he was being a good moderator, but it's just how it was handled is what bother me the most. But I'm ok, no worries. I appreciate all the info and friends I've found here. But I'll stick around. It's just that, and you probably know this, any info we can get we want it. I know we all do. I have been around alternative health for almost 15+ years and if I know something that people needs to know, I just bring it on. Oh well. Peace and Love, and most of all good breathing to keep of heads calm.

Jim I'm ok, but thanks for your reply. No need to go to the foundation. In the future I will just handle it differently.

Now I know about you, I didn't before. God Bless.

Hi Carol, please email to my email and I'll send you the info if you like. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■